RUBY (Rutgers University Business for Youth)

The Rutgers University Business for Youth (RUBY) program introduces qualified, underserved, inner-city high school students to college and careers in business.

The RUBY program presents students with the information, guidance, and motivation, beneficial to achieving a successful career, and succeeding in life.

The program currently accepts approximately 60 high school students per year (30 in the fall program and 30 in the spring program). Fall students come on campus during the fall semester of their sophomore, junior and senior high school years.  Spring students participate in the same program but during the spring semesters of their sophomore and junior years. All students come to campus during the fall semester of their senior year to get help applying to college, especially to Rutgers Business School.

During the first year (sophomore year), students receive lessons in writing business plans. The teams then compete in a Business Plan Competition at the end of the semester. During this semester, the students are taken on at least one trip to a corporate facility.

During the second year (junior year), students are taken on field trips, hear faculty talk about majors, listen to recruiters about careers, hear from our Educational Opportunity Program to learn more about how to pay for college, and learn how to prepare for the SAT.

During the third year (senior year), students focus on applying to Rutgers Business School and other colleges.  Current Rutgers Business School students work with high school students, mentor them, and help them apply to colleges.

Program Requirements

Local high schools select students with high academic credentials to participate in the RUBY program.

This program is by invitation only.

To learn more, please contact Ronald Richter at