2016 Economic Outlook with Professor Farrokh Langdana

Broadcast live through Periscope on Twitter during Rutgers first ever Giving Day on December 1, 2015, finance and economics professor Farrokh Langdana discussed his 2016 outlook for the U.S. economy with Daniel Stoll, director of communications at Rutgers Business School.

Langdana, who is the director of the Rutgers Executive MBA program, also talked about the Rutgers EMBA program and the strong ROI graduates have been able to achieve.

  • About Rutgers Executive MBA program: 00:15
  • How has the Rutgers EMBA maintained its consistently strong rankings? 0:58
  • What is the student profile in the Rutgers Executive MBA program? 02:53
  • Why do students choose Rutgers Executive MBA? 03:55
  • How will the economy look for graduates in 2016? 05:46
  • What would be the effect on the economy if the Fed raises interest rates? 07:32
  • Are there any hopeful signs that wages might go up? 09:27
  • Are you worried about inflation? 10:30
  • How can we fix this economic malaise that has set in since 2008? 11:47
  • Are you optimistic for 2016? 13:50
  • Why it's important to help Rutgers: 14:46

#RUGivingDay raised over $1 million in one day for Rutgers. More info at: https://givingday.rutgers.edu

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