Business Insight: Why negotiating with kids is so tough

Professor Terri Kurtzberg's insights and negotiating expertise were showcased on a recent episode of Breakfast at Wolferman's Bakery on Facebook Live.

For parents, some of the toughest negotiations of the day can happen at breakfast.

A recent episode of Breakfast at Wolferman’s Bakery (Facebook Live), showcases Professor Terri Kurtzberg's thought leadership as she explains why negotiating with kids over something as ordinary as whether to top off pancakes with chocolate chips can prove so challenging. 

"We have all of these competing needs and goals that weigh in on trying to figure out any one answer in the moment," Kurtzberg said. "It's incredibly difficult."

Kurtzberg teaches negotiation strategies to graduate students and executives. She is the author (with Mary Kern) of Negotiating at Home: Essential Steps for Reaching Agreement with Your Kids.

Listen to the conversation.

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