Business Insights: Arash Azadegan Regarding Supply Chain Resilience | Erich Toncre, Director of Marketing Education interviews Arash Azadegan, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School regarding his recent research in supply chain resilience. Professor Azadegan explains the importance of supply chain resilience in the COVID19 era. Read his recent research: Azadegan, A. & Dooley, K. (2021) A Typology of Supply Network Resilience Strategies: Complex Collaborations in a Complex World, Journal of Supply Chain Management.

The Rutgers Business School Signature Leadership Series: Lessons of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, and Reinvention features live virtual discussions with thought leaders and business leaders from across the industry spectrum. This complimentary biweekly series will allow you to hear and learn from leadership experts as they share the stories of their journey, talk about lessons learned, and offer insights.

Originally aired March 2, 2021.

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