Eight experts share secrets to success in social media

While there is no “secret sauce” or silver bullet for creating impactful social media campaigns, engaging with customers on social media has entered a new age of pinpoint personalization that creates many new opportunities for brands, products and services.

We asked 8 members of our Rutgers Mini MBATM: Social Media Marketing certificate program faculty to share their insights and advice for creating amazing and engaging experiences on social media!

Screenshot of video with Mark Schaefer
Mark Schaefer

1. Prepare for next-gen social! - The future of social media will be more immersive, engaging and personalized.

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Screenshot of video with Christina 'CK' Kerley
Christina "CK" Kerley

2. Understand how the Internet Of Things (IOT) has changed and will continue to change the marketing mix across all channels and devices.

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Screenshot of video with Tim Peter
Tim Peter

3. Optimize your content plan with new AI tools and search marketing tactics.

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Screenshot of video with Rob Petersen
Rob Petersen

4. Identify and interpret the difference between vanity metrics and “metrics that matter” in social media.

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Screenshot of video with Stacy Smollin Schwartz
Stacy Smollin Schwartz

5. Create more meaningful connections with your brand through digital personalization, community building, loyalty programs and social media outreach.

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Screenshot of video with Neal Schaffer
Neal Schaffer

6. Leverage employee advocacy groups, influencers and thought leaders across the entire enterprise to create a more powerful content strategy.

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Screenshot of video with Mike Moran
Mike Moran

7. Track engagement, listen to customers, monitor and/or mitigate a crisis by using social media monitoring tools. Here’s a little secret – Many of the tools are free to use!

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Screenshot of video with Spencer X Smith
Spencer X Smith

8. Fail fast and fail forward. Test, tune, learn and repeat! Social media is dynamic, fluid and changing constantly – be agile!

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