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The Signature Leadership Series features live virtual discussions with thought leaders and business leaders from across the industry spectrum.

The Rutgers Business School Signature Leadership Series presents a virtual discussion with Frank Palumbo, Chief Revenue Officer at Pensando Systems, moderated by Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Mukesh M. Patel, Department of Management & Global Business.

Frank Palumbo brings over 28 years of industry experience to Pensando Systems. Before joining Pensando, he was Senior Vice President of Global Data Center Sales at Cisco. While there, Frank drove the success of Cisco in the data center from annual revenues of $3 billion to over $11 billion today. He helped pioneer and expand Cisco’s presence in the data center with the introduction of multiple disruptive technologies that grew to multibillion dollars a year businesses.

Professor Mukesh M. Patel is a serial entrepreneur and executive board advisor with experience in private equity, venture capital, angel investments, innovation, technology, business law, and education. As an award-winning Professor and recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Service, he designs and teaches inter-disciplinary and experiential courses at Rutgers Business School, Law School, Engineering School, Arts & Science, and Honors College, across levels and disciplines.

The Rutgers Business School Signature Leadership Series: Lessons of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, and Reinvention features live virtual discussions with thought leaders and business leaders from across the industry spectrum. This complimentary biweekly series will allow you to hear and learn from leadership experts as they share the stories of their journey, talk about lessons learned, and offer insights.

Originally aired August 27, 2020

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