Webinar: Ideas and Frameworks to Leverage Innovative and Creative Thinking in the Corporate Enterprise

Many corporate CEOs report that innovation and creativity are two of the most sought after traits in their corporate enterprise. These characteristics are also the hardest to code and replace (automate) via computing, robotics or AI. So how do organizations recruit for these skills or develop them in their talent? What are some frameworks that leaders and managers in an organization, unit or team can leverage to spark innovative and creative-thinking, and design an innovative corporate culture?

During this Lunch & Learn, award-winning professor and highly respected industry thought leader Mukesh M. Patel will cover some frameworks and examples of innovation and creativity models in an insightful hour-long session that seeks to provide you with actionable insights for your innovation and creativity initiatives.

How do organizations recruit for innovation and creativity or successfully develop them in their employees?

Originally aired Oct. 16.

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