Webinar: Mechanizing Data for Business Impact

Insights provided through data are essential in bringing value to an organization. A study performed by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson showed that “companies that inject big data and analytics into their operations show productivity and profitability that are 5 percent to 6 percent higher than those of their peers.”

Merely acquiring data is useless unless the data is relevant and can be transformed and leveraged to increase market share, customer loyalty, and drive positive business results. In this session, Ronak Parikh, who specializes in data product management and monetization, will describe the data-driven journey through the lens of process and human capital. This engaging discussion will provide you with a mechanism to identify your growth opportunities to make data-driven decisions.

Merely acquiring data is useless unless it can be transformed and leveraged to drive positive business results.

Originally aired August 21.

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