Webinar: Moving on, Moving ahead

It seems everyone knows someone who has navigated a job transition (or two, or three) - by choice or otherwise. Perhaps that someone is you. Whether you have found yourself in a transition situation for the first time or are experiencing de ja vu, this Lunch & Learn will provide time-tested and often-overlooked techniques and advice for coming out "on the other side" of a transition in a good place. Learn why it may not be the best option to take the first offer that comes along, how interviewing for roles you may not be interested in may benefit you, and how to ensure your social network can support you along the way.

Our guest and speaker for this Lunch & Learn will be Lisa Calicchio, a 20-year veteran of the human resources space, LinkedIn columnist, business and thought leader, and a transition club alumnus herself. Calicchio will cover these topics in a simple-to-understand way, infused with transition "war stories" she's learned from others, "show and tells," and humor in an engaging hour that will prepare you for your own transition - whether it's in progress or to prepare you just in case.

Originally aired July 17.

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