The New Frontier – AI Driven Credit Score

This webinar explores the potential to replace FICO with an AI system for deriving credit scores that is authentic, real-time, and unbiased.

21 Jul
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Have you ever received an email after visiting a random website, about their services and products? Or your smart phone suggesting new applications for you?

No matter what service we use, our activities are being tracked and cataloged. Whether it’s purchases we make on Apple store or Amazon or which videos we watch or articles we read – we are being monitored, tracked and assessed, in real time! This is all driven by algorithms developed by companies mainly for marketing and business operations.

If all of our activities – economic or otherwise – are being tracked, then why not use this information to derive a real-time, authentic credit score. The Apple credit card, operated by Goldman Sachs, is an example for such an attempt.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how AI can replace the FICO system for deriving credit score that is more authentic and in real-time, and how such algorithms should be mindful of any biases.

Speaker: Merav Ozair, Ph.D.

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