RBS Distinguished Speaker Series - Newark Campus - Conklin Hall

Industries are shaped by influential leaders. Top leaders, many who are Rutgers Business School alumni, have partnered with RBS to share insights, expertise and advice with our students and to help shape the academic experience.

24 Feb
Price: FREE

175 University Ave, Newark, NJ 07102, Conklin Hall, Room 100

On February 24th, join us for a conversation with Dr. Taylan Yildiz, Chief Analytics Officer at Firefly.

Dr. Yildiz is the leading expert in display and cross-media advertising impact measurement and optimization with a focus on Fortune 500 companies. At Google, he built novel measurement methodologies and managed a team of PhD level statisticians that build such tools. Now at Firefly, he is responsible of building media planning, reporting, attribution and optimization tools as the Chief Analytics Officer. He is also leading Firefly's street level artificial intelligence research.

Dr. Yildiz is also a member of Istanbul City Council. He has also served as the Deputy Chairman at İYİ Parti, a main opposition party in Turkey, where he was responsible for communication and technology affairs. He also served as an advisor to Mrs. Meral Aksener, the Chair of İYİ Parti.​ Prior to entering into politics he was leading executive level meetings at Google with top global advertisers to build custom and scalable research solutions on media planning, measurement and customer insights.​ He also was responsible for approve all global 3rd-party advertising research studies paid for by Google. When needed, he partners with these companies to better their methodologies.​

He is the founder of the industry-leading products DFA Experiments and DFA Brand Insights which have enabled many of the Doubleclick's Fortune 500 advertisers to measure display campaign impact starting from awareness down to site visits and sales. These tools help advertisers precisely measure their return on advertising investment and get actionable insights on how to maximize this ROI. They also help to evaluate the effectiveness of new display advertising technologies such as YouTube Ads. Taylan also managed Google Active GRP, where he holds a patent on the methodology.​ He also speaks on effectiveness measurement extensively at statistical as well as industry conferences. Taylan delivered the closing keynote address ESOMAR Asia Pacific conference in Singapore in 2015.​ Taylan gives regular guest lectures to MBA Students at Stanford Business School. He wrote a case study at Stanford on how display advertising can be measured through experimentation, which was also taught at Chicago Booth School of Business.


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