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15 Aug
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MOVE OVER VIRUSES, step aside worms: Ransomware has the spotlight and isn't about to give it up. From taking down entire fuel pipelines to hijacking hospital networks, it's the cyberattack du jour. Not only do you have the potentially disastrous consequences of being locked out of your most important files and systems, but you also have to decide if you're willing to pay cold, hard cash to get access to them again if you even get access after paying.

This webinar will help you with your small business to Identify – Detect and Protect.

  • Will learn about comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Plan,
  • Gain access to the tools to develop your own ransomware recovery playbook.
  • How to respond quickly and confidently in a crisis setting
  • Step to Recover data and restart applications faster
  • Reduce business interruptions and costs related to remediation
  • Meet requirements from auditors and cybersecurity insurers
  • Above all: Avoid paying data ransoms

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