Tuition & Fees | Master of Accountancy in Accounting and Analytics

Tuition and fees are subject to change for the 2024-2025 school year.

In-Person/Hybrid Student Tuition & Fees (2023-2024) 

Tuition & Fees for full-time students per semester (12 or more credits)

Tuition - New Jersey Residents $14,976.00
Tuition - Out of State Residents and Internationals $25,998.00
Student Fee $870.50
Technology Fee $196.50
Off-Site Fee $995.00
School Fee $529.00

Tuition & Fees for part-time students (11 or fewer credits)

Tuition - Per credit, New Jersey Residents $1,248.00
Tuition - Per credit, Out of State Residents and Internationals $2,167.00
Student Fee (Per Semester) $289.00
Technology Fee (Subject to Credit Hours) $103.50 - $186.00
Off-Site Fee $293.50
School Fee $250.50
Matriculation Continued $20.00

Employees on temporary work visas: New Jersey residency regulations do not recognize temporary work visas (H1) as evidence of residency; thus you will be paying out of state tuition. However, you can apply for a reduced tuition rate.

Housing and Dining

Online Program Student Tuition & Fees (2023-2024)


PART-TIME (3 courses or less)
Tuition – In-State/Out-of-State $1,248/credit
Off-Site Fee $293.50/semester
Technology Fee – based on # of credits $114-196.50/semester
FULL-TIME (4+ courses) 
Full-Time Tuition – In-State/Out-of-State and Internationals  $14,976.00/semester
Off-Site Fee $995.00/semester
Technology Fee $196.50/semester