Dr. Yaw Mensah with student Evan Sternberg at the Department of Supply Chain Management Pathways to Partnership awards dinner.

Faculty Snapshot: Evaluating effectiveness of alternative management tools

Yaw M. Mensah

Executive Vice Dean and Professor in the Accounting & Information Systems Department

Expertise: Management control in non-profits as part of the Master of Accountancy in Governmental Accounting program.

Research: Professor Mensah’s teaching and research interests are in managerial and financial accounting, particularly in the areas of the evaluation of efficiency and productivity measurement, the financial reporting of non-profit institutions, and the use of accounting information in the capital markets.

Influence: Mensah’s scholarship has introduced a methodology for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of alternative management tools in public institutions with an application to public education.  For the past two years, he has been among the top 10% of authors whose papers are downloaded from SSRN (Social Science Research Network).

Outside the classroom: He enjoys playing tennis (and soccer in the past). More recently Mensah enjoys traveling as time allows.

Favorite class to teach: Management Control in Nonprofit Organizations in the Master of Accountancy in Governmental Accounting program.

The most rewarding thing about academia: “I was very pleased to see an alumnus (a former student of mine)  with an accomplished career return to RBS to join the RBS Board of External Advisors. He evinced deep appreciation for the training that RBS provided him when he was an undergraduate here, and feels the need to give back in support of current and future students.”


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