Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Management #8 in the nation released its ranking of the 25 Best Supply Chain Management Bachelor’s Degrees for 2020. The Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Management (SCM) undergraduate major was ranked #8 in the nation.  

Dean Lei Lei said, “Our wholehearted congratulations to SCM faculty, staff, students, alumni, corporate partners who strongly supported our SCM programs. Thank you for your extraordinary effort in preparing the future workforce for supply chains, on strengthening the brand of our undergraduate programs, and on placing Rutgers Business School again on the national map!”

Associate Professor and Department Chair Lian Qi said, “The supply chain management department at Rutgers Business School emphasizes the balance of academic rigor and business relevance.”

Aligned with Qi’s description, wrote about the program: “Students are expected to learn about business and operations as a whole before focusing on more specialized skills within the supply chain. That helps students gain a full understanding of what to expect when working with different companies and goals. It also ensures that students know the value of teamwork and have the skills to work with other professionals in their fields.” 

John Vaccaro, President, Bettaway Supply Chain Services, spoke about his company’s corporate partnership with Rutgers Business School:  “A few years back we became engaged with RBS as a partner to help our company fulfilling seasonal staffing and special project needs. The engagement has grown and developed beyond what we could have imagined, propelled with a constant flow of interns eager for the opportunity and full of talent and drive.  All of the RBS students that have joined us came to the table with a good understanding of supply chain fundamentals, diversity in their studies as well as prior internships. All have been anxious to experience the real-world application of their studies and chosen career path. I was recently asked by RBS leadership to describe a failure point of the program, I had none to share.”

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