Rutgers Supply Chain Management ranked #3 in North America by Gartner Supply Chain Leaders

Undergraduate Curriculum Tied for Second, MBA Program Tied for Third

In a recent supply chain management study by Gartner Supply Chain Leaders, a survey of how well leading universities are educating professionals to contend with a rapidly changing landscape, the Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Management undergraduate program tied for second and the graduate program tied for third in the United States and all of North America.

Such rankings are critical in an industry that is redefining itself and transitioning from a linear sequential model to highly integrated and interdependent networks. Rutgers Business School tied with Georgia Tech and Arizona State for second behind Penn State in the undergraduate program ranking, while tying for third with Michigan State in the graduate program ranking. Penn State and Michigan were ranked first and second respectively with Rutgers ahead of Arizona State, Syracuse and MIT.

By being recognized as one of the best Supply Chain Management programs in the country, Rutgers Business School showed its “perceived value by industry combined with program scope relative to other programs,” according to the Gartner report Talent and High-Performing Supply Chains.

“In addition to the difficult technical skills required to manage supply chains effectively, talented specialists are needed within enterprises to implement critical collaborative programs,” said Professor Lei Lei, Chair of the Supply Chain Management and Marketing Sciences Department. “We are teaching leaders to have strong facilitation and consultative skills to be successful at synchronizing essential tasks across many functions.”

According to industry analysts, there is a growing shortage of such expertise as companies streamline and speed up every link in global supply chains to stay competitive.  The Department of Supply Chain Management & Marketing Sciences at Rutgers Business School is a driver in reversing this trend by its commitment to excellence and unique strength in world-class research, innovative teaching, and high quality service in supply chain management, marketing science, and their interfaces.

“The role of supply chain executives has expanded and changed dramatically over the past five years,” said Lei.  “They are now getting a seat at strategy meetings and are expected to report to the CEO. We understand very well how important a sustainable talent pipeline is to industry, and we are striving to develop graduates with the skill set to become dynamic knowledge leaders in supply chain management.”

MBA Program Rankings

1. Penn State

2. Michigan

3. Rutgers Business School

-- Michigan State

5. Arizona State

6. Syracuse

7. MIT

8. Ohio State

9. Georgia Tech

10. Tennessee

11. Stanford

12. Lehigh

13. University of Texas/Dallas

14. University of Wisconsin/Madison

15. University of Texas/Austin

Undergraduate Program Rankings

1. Penn State

2. Rutgers Business School

-- Georgia Tech

-- Arizona State

5. Michigan State

6. University of Texas/Austin

7. Ohio State

--  University of Wisconsin/Madison

9. Texas A&M

--  Tennessee

12. Maryland

--   Western Michigan

--   Stanford

14. Lehigh

--   Marquette

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