The honorees are joined in a champagne toast by Dean Lei Lei and Sharon Lyndon, associate dean of alumni and corporate relations.

Seven honored at Rutgers Business School's alumni awards dinner

Rutgers Business School celebrated seven individuals for their achievements and their potential as business leaders and their willingness to engage with and enrich students.

The honorees are distinguished by their career success and by their willingness to give back and help current students have success of their own.

They are mentors and role models. They are founders of programs and centers that distinguish Rutgers Business School by connecting students to jobs on Wall Street and by teaching future business leaders that companies and executives have a responsibility for helping to address giant social issues like climate change and healthcare inequity.

Rutgers Business School is proud and grateful that they choose to be involved.

The 2023 recipients of the Rutgers Business School Alumni Awards are: Gary Cohen, Jennifer Rodrigues, Gary Chopruvka, Mark Anquillare, Harvey Schwartz, Ty-Lynn Johnson, and Ramon Rodriguez.

We asked each of them to share their career accomplishments, to explain why they give back to and remain engaged with Rutgers, and to give us some thoughts about how they personify one of the four R’s – Resilient, Resourceful, Responsible and Reinventing – that reflect the pillars of Rutgers Business School and the essence of its brand.

Photos by John O'Boyle

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Gary Cohen

Life-time Achievement Award

Gary Cohen

Career Highlights: 37-year career with BD (Becton, Dickinson, and Co.) including 25 years as an executive officer who, at various times, led more than half of the company’s global business.

Other leadership roles: Founder and board chair, Together for Girls; Founder and CEO Maternal Newborn Health Innovations, PBC; Founder, Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition; Chair, Corporate/CDC Roundtable on Global Health Threats.

Ties to Rutgers: MBA, Rutgers Graduate School of Management (now RBS); Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration, Rutgers College. He founded the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation at Rutgers Business School. 

“The most rewarding thing about working in the business world was traveling to over 70 countries and working with people from so many different nationalities and cultures. It gave me the opportunity to leverage the capabilities and resources of the business sector to address challenging unmet societal health needs and issues.”

“I tend to take on very challenging problems, issues most people would choose not to work on because they are very difficult to address, and I mobilize collaborative initiatives across sectors (public, private, nonprofit, academia) to enable positive change to be achieved at a global scale.  I would say this demonstrates resourcefulness. I think this is an important quality because it helps to achieve transformative change.”

“The experience and knowledge I gained at RBS, and the ‘taste’ of what it was like to be successful, benefited me throughout my whole career. Being engaged with Rutgers helps enable students who otherwise may not benefit from a privileged upbringing to achieve their career and life potential.”

Jennifer Rodrigues

Alumni Service Award

Jennifer Rodrigues

Current Role: Prudential Financial, vice president, global technology workforce strategy

Career Accomplishments: Planned and closed a significant structured transaction for Prudential’s Group Insurance business, resulting in $1 billion of capital efficiencies; Achieved significant cash and banking process improvements for a South Korean acquisition ensuring the appropriate governance controls and efficient processes were instituted in compliance with local regulatory requirements and Prudential policies; Improved sentiment across all categories for the new organization as measured by the company’s annual employee quotient survey and realized savings of over $1 million.

Her ties to Rutgers: Bachelor’s degree, finance, Rutgers Business School; chair, Rutgers Business School Financial Advisory Board; mentor, Women Build; Rutgers MBA Mentoring Circle Program; participant, Rutgers Distinguished Speaker Series.

“I had the great fortune to have received an outreach from Professor Ivan Brick inviting me and other alumni to a dinner for a one-time mentoring event with undergraduate students. The event reconnected me with Rutgers and gave me the opportunity to leverage my professional experience to guide and support students in their journey. It is immensely fulfilling to bridge the academic side with the industry side.”

“Being and acting responsibly is my guiding principle as a person. It’s how I build and earn trust and carry out my commitments. Caring for others and behaving and acting with integrity includes acknowledging my mistakes and learning from them. Caring for others is something I do by asking questions and embracing our differences. Whether it’s with my Rutgers community or other communities, the act of listening to others, being candid and respectful and carrying out my commitments is the way that I lean into being responsible.”

Gary Chropuvka

Alumni Service Award

Gary Chropuvka

Career highlights: Former president, World Quant; partner Goldman Sachs, where he co-headed the Quantitative Investment Strategies group. His career on Wall Street began at Morgan Stanley’s Correspondent Clearing Group.

Other endeavors: Co-founder of Baseable, a charity that focuses on promoting the game of baseball for individuals with intellectual disabilities in partnership with Special Olympics. He also serves as treasurer and trustee for the Monmouth Medical Center Foundation.

Ties to Rutgers: Bachelor’s degree in mathematics; minor in chemistry, Rutgers College; trustee, Rutgers University; chairman, Joint Committee of Investments, Rutgers University Endowment; vice-chairman, Rutgers University’s board of directors. He is a founding member of Rutgers Business School’s Road to Wall Street Program, and a member of the school's board of advisors. He is also a Rutgers football and basketball season ticketholder.

“The most thrilling part of my job was understanding and tackling a difficult business problem. The world of finance has limitless problems which is great for new graduates and fantastic for people who have been in the business for decades.”

“Simply put, it feels great to give back to Rutgers. I do feel like it is also an expectation to pay it forward to the hard-working gritty Rutgers student that has a passion for success in finance or any other discipline.”

Rutgers Business School alumnus Mark Anquillare

Distinguished Alumni Leadership Award

Mark Anquillare

Career Highlights: Retired president and chief operating officer, Verisk; Chief financial officer, Verisk: 2007 until 2016; board of directors, healthcare solutions company CPSI. Before joining Verisk, he worked at Prudential Financial.

His ties to Rutgers: MBA, Rutgers Business School. He sits on the board of advisors, Rutgers Business School; He supports Rutgers Business School’s Road to Silicon V/Alley Program with a seed grant fund. He also created the Anquillare Family Scholarship.

“It’s important for me to be engaged with Rutgers Business School because it’s a rewarding opportunity to give back and help the leaders of tomorrow.”

“The "R" that best embodies me is Reinventing Yourself for the Digital Age. During my career in data analytics, I have experienced the dramatic evolution in technology driving a need for change and innovation. As data proliferates, the cost of computing and storage declines, and analytic methods improve, the visionary leaders of the best companies need to reinvent themselves to remain relevant and stay ahead of competition.”

Harvey Schwartz

Honorary Business Excellence Award

Harvey Schwartz

Career Highlights: Chief Executive Officer and member board of directors, Carlyle; former president and co-chief operating officer, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. He joined Goldman Sachs in 1997 and held numerous senior leadership positions, including chief financial officer, global co-hear od the Securities Division, head of Securities Division Sales, head of North American Sales and co-head of the Americas Financing Group.

Interests: As both an investor and advisor, he is currently involved in a range of investment and philanthropic endeavors, including a focus on mental health, and developing future business leaders.

Ties to Rutgers: Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University; sits on Rutgers University’s board of governors. He is in the university’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni.

“At a state university where 75% of the students receive financial aid, it is incredibly important for those of us who are in a position to support do what we can to stay engaged and contribute to the success of the students as they prepare for their future.”

“I am extremely proud of my involvement in the creation of the Road to Wall Street Program and especially proud of the graduates who I have met and worked with along the way over the years. It is impressive to see what RTWS has become today with the support of the Business School and Dean Lei and how it is creating opportunities for students to build the skills to succeed and thrive in finance.”

Rutgers Business School alumnus Ty-Lynn Johnson

Alumni Rising Star Award

Ty-Lynn Johnson

Employment: BlackRock, where he advises the Global Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO) team on Equity Investment Strategies. Clients include some of the largest endowments, foundations, family offices, and pensions.

Ties to Rutgers Business School: Bachelor’s degree in finance with concentration in Real Estate; alumnus of the Business Student Transition at Rutgers (BSTAR) Program; RBS Pre-College Enrichment Program (PREP), student coordinator; Road to Wall Street Program, alumnus and mentor.

“The most rewarding part of my work is the ability to play a significant role in building out our Diverse Manager Program to allocate more of our $400 billion in client capital to minority-owned asset managers who account for less than 2% of assets under management, globally.”

“I firmly believe in the motto “Lifting as We Climb” and with the faculty and staff at the business school having played a significant role in my career growth and trajectory, I believe it is my duty to share any knowledge I have to assist future RBS alumni.”

“Adjusting to the day to day of a full-time corporate professional certainly was a challenge for me earlier into my career. Not only was there a steep learning curve, but having grown up in a urban environment, gaining confidence in my was not as easy as imagined. As I think about a role which requires me to vet the brightest investors around the world, it is resilience that allows me to walk into meeting rooms with conviction that I have earned a seat at the table when it comes to advising on over $150 billion in asset.”

Rutgers Business School alumnus Ramon Rodriguez

Alumni Rising Star Award

Ramon Rodriguez

Career Highlights: JPMorgan Chase & Co., vice president, Sports & Entertainment Marketing; Team Lead, JPMorgan Chase & Co. Service Corps Program Corps Miami Cohort (the firm’s strategic pro bono consulting program); Diversity Lead and Campus Recruiter, Consumer and Community Banking.

Leadership Roles: JPMorgan Chase & Co., Rutgers Alumni Leadership Team; Adelante Tri-State, the firm’s Business Resource Group supporting the professional development and leadership opportunities for Hispanic and Latino employees.

Ties to Rutgers: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Rutgers Business School; founding brother, Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.; Rutgers University Student Government Association; Rutgers University Diversity Committee; former president, Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA).

I am a first-generation college student from an urban area in New Jersey where many do not make it out. Rutgers and EOF gave me an opportunity and opened many doors for me. I attribute a large part of my professional success to various mentors from Rutgers who guided me throughout my college and professional career. I believe in paying it forward as it is important to extend your hand and bring up the next person.”

“Growing up I did not have the same experience and opportunities as many of peers who do not come from an urban area and those similar to my background have to learn how to be resourceful to keep pushing forward. Having my humble upbringings has helped me overcome many challenges that many without my experience may not have been able to overcome.”

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