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Livingston Campus Highlights

Nicknamed "100 Rock" by students, the spectacular new building at 100 Rockafeller Road housing Rutgers Business School opened in 2013. Serving as the gateway to the Livingston Campus, 100 Rock is near a new first-run movie theater, a new dining commons, new residence halls for graduate students, and new student center. The campus is home to one of the nation’s largest campus solar arrays as well as the Louis Brown Athletic Center (the “RAC”), where Rutgers cheers its basketball teams.

Classrooms contain a variety of technology, including Ultra Short Throw projectors, touch screens and glass marker boards. The building is also equipped with 91 WiFi access points, ensuring that students and faculty will be able to connect to the Internet from wireless devices from a variety of locations.

100 Rock

100 Rockafeller Road, Home of Rutgers Business School at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Altogether, the 143,000-square-foot building contains nearly $4 million worth of technology with the majority of it wired into the more than two dozen teaching rooms, a combination of classrooms and lecture halls. Ten meeting rooms are equipped with HD video-conferencing.

Additional features:

  • Three student technology centers, including two that will operate on a reservation system.
  • Courses will be taught using clickers, a technology that allows students in even large lecture halls to interact more effectively with the instructor.
  • Inspired by one of the building’s spacious flex rooms, RBS is introducing a new course emphasizing teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Two solar fields on campus will supply electrical power and a large geothermal system, with more than 300 holes reaching a depth of 500 feet underground, will heat and cool the building.
  • The building qualified for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Sustainable Design Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.


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100 Rock serves as the gateway to the Livingston Campus.