MBA & Specialty Master Programs Scholarships

Full-Time MBA Program: Scholarships are offered by the graduate admissions office to full-time MBA applicants who meet the requirements and metrics of each scholarship fund at the time of admission. No separate application is needed.

Part-Time MBA Program: Scholarships are offered by the graduate admissions office to part-time MBA applicants upon completing at least three semesters into the program and have a strong GPA. Fill out and submit the Part-Time MBA scholarship application prior to the posted deadline. The scholarships for part-time MBA students are available for the fall and spring terms only.

MBA in Professional Accounting Program: Scholarships are only offered in the third semester to students with a high GPA at RBS and service to the Professional Accounting class. The program director will nominate the candidates.

Online MS Supply Chain Management Program: Scholarships are available to incoming students who demonstrate commitment to Sustainability/ the Triple Bottom Line in his or her career. The Triple Bottom Line aims to measure the financial, social, and environmental performance of organizations, essentially their impact on profit, people, and the planet. As a program, we are committed to instilling in our students the importance of all three. In order to apply for the scholarship, please submit (1) an essay discussing aspects of your career (a specific project, initiative, or position) that focuses on at least two of the three bottom lines. To qualify, (2) you must also submit your GRE or GMAT score. Please submit the essay and a record of your GRE or GMAT score to Brody Sheldon at

Master of Quantitative Finance, Master of Financial Analysis, Master of Information Technology and Analytics and Master of Supply Chain Analytics Programs: There are a limited number of scholarships are awarded to the most outstanding applicants to the program. All applicants are considered for the scholarship and a separate scholarship application is not required. Scholarships are awarded by committee decision and take into consideration the entire application, not just test scores or GPA. The decision on scholarship is made at the same time that the admission decision is made.

Currently, there are no scholarships available for the Master of Accountancy programs, the Master of Science in Business of Fashion, or the Master of Science in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence.

The Scholarship Fund is supported by gifts from alumni, friends, and corporations provides financial support, in varying amounts, to graduate students at Rutgers Business School based on financial need and academic potential. In addition to this general fund, the following annual and endowed scholarship funds have been established at RBS with the private support of individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Partnerships

Jacob C. Abramson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Jacob C. Abramson and provides financial aid in support of students in the MBA in Professional Accounting program. 

Alfred J. Battaglia Memorial Fellowship in Supply Chain Management

This endowed fellowship was established by family and friends of Al and Terry Battaglia to provide financial assistance MBA or Ph.D. students enrolled in the Supply Chain Management program.

Ralph Bunche Fellowships

Managed by Rutgers Business School Newark-New Brunswick, this award provides a $15,000 stipend plus tuition remission for as many as two years to exceptional, incoming, full-time under-represented minority MBA students with backgrounds of substantial educational or cultural disadvantage. Established in 1979, this fellowship is named after Ralph Johnson Bunche, the African-American Statesman, Nobel Peace Laureate, and 1949 recipient of an honorary Doctor of Laws from Rutgers. Bunche fellows are chosen by a university-wide selection committee.

Robert E. Campbell Endowed Fellowship

This endowed fellowship, established by Robert E. Campbell (MBA'62), provides financial assistance to Full-Time or Part-Time MBA students based on academic merit and/or financial need.

Horace J. and Carolyn DePodwin Scholarship

This scholarship established by Horace J. DePodwin, who served as Dean from 1966 to 1982, provides financial assistance to Part-Time MBA students who do not receive tuition reimbursement from their employers.

Division of Professional Accounting Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established by members of the Professional Accounting Class of 1959 to provide support to students enrolled in the MBA Professional Accounting program.

Christina Dymsza Memorial Scholarship

The award is given to an enrolled student with high academic potential, financial need, and an interest in the culture of Latin America.

George R. Esterly Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by a campaign of individual gifts organized by the Rutgers Business School Alumni Association to honor former Dean George R. Esterly who served from 1935 to 1964.  Awards are made to graduates of New Jersey high schools with outstanding undergraduate records of academic achievement, extra-curricular activities and financial need.

Faculty Memorial Scholarship Fund

A general scholarship fund established to provide an ongoing opportunity to honor deceased faculty members.

Friends of GSBA Endowed Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was established in 1975 with a gift of stock from Leon Hess to support graduate students at Rutgers Business School.

The Joyce and Leslie Goodman Endowed Scholarship Fund

This endowed fellowship fund was established by Leslie (RC'65, MBA'70, CLAW'80) and Joyce (DC'79) Goodman to provide tuition assistance to MBA students who have earned an undergraduate degree from either Douglass College or Rutgers College with a GPA of 3.4 or higher.

Dr. Annette Hollander Fellowship

This annual fellowship was established by the Kaplan Family Foundation to provide financial assistance to female graduate students at RBS who are studying economics, business, law, or public policy with the intent of pursuing or furthering a career in government.

Edmund L. Houston Foundation Program

This scholarship is managed and distributed by the Edmond L. Houston Foundation for minority students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership and financial need. Applicants must complete the Houston Foundation application obtained through the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Robert and Frances Kaplan Endowed Scholarship

Established by the Rutgers Business School Alumni Association and friends of Robert and Frances Kaplan, this scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students based on financial need.

Joel E. Kelly Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in memory of Joel E. Kelly (EMBA'94) by alumni and friends of the program, this scholarship provides financial assistance to full time first year graduate students.  The recipients must demonstrate leadership ability, citizenship, and social awareness in his/her community.  Preference is given to African-American students.

Daniel I. Kessler Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors Daniel I. Kessler, founder and late president of Unishops Inc. and is awarded to a New Jersey resident who seeks an advanced degree in business administration and demonstrates financial need.

Samuel Klein Scholarship Fund

Established by family and friends of Samuel Klein, senior partner of Samuel Klein & Company, this scholarship supports students in the Professional Accounting program based on financial need and academic potential.

MRIA Advisory Board Fellowship

Several fellowships are available for MBA students who were admitted to the MBA program with the Marketing Research Insights and Analytics concentration.  Applicants should submit (a) a statement of purpose on long-term career goal and (b) a copy of resume to the director of the MRIA program.  In addition, these fellowships are also available to the current students who have taken Advanced Marketing Research (22:630:677) course.

Marcus and Cecilia Nadler Leaders Fellowship

Established by the late Prof. Paul Nadler, in honor of his parents, this scholarship is awarded to students based on their academic performance and substantial potential for leadership in their professions and at Rutgers Business School.

J. David Parkinson Endowed Fellowship

This endowed fellowship established by J. David Parkinson (SB'51), Chairman of the Board, Thomas & Betts Corporation, provides financial assistance to full time graduate students based on academic merit and financial need.

Pharmaceutical Industry Scholars Program

A select number of MBA students are selected each year to participate in the prestigious Rutgers Business School Pharmaceutical Industry Scholars Program.  This program provides students full tuition and an internship opportunity.

Rutgers Business School 75th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship Fund

This endowed scholarship was established by alumni and friends of the school in recognition of the school's 75th anniversary to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students.

The Sales Executive Club of New Jersey Foundation Fellowship

This annual grant provides scholarships to students with a GPA of 3.0 and higher with a declared intent to pursue a concentration in Marketing in the MBA program. Interested students are asked to submit a short essay outlining their background, future goals, and long term intentions in the field of marketing. 

Serkes Family Endowed Fellowship

This endowed fellowship was established by Jeffrey D. Serkes (MBA'82) to provide financial assistance to Full-Time or Part-Time MBA students based on financial need. 

Sood and Singh MBA Scholarship

The Sood and Singh MBA Scholarship, sponsored by Rohit Sood and his wife Priya Singh, in the amount of $7,000.00, which will be awarded to a second year student in the Full-Time MBA program.  In order to be considered you must have completed 30 credits and have a GPA of 3.33 or better.  You are also required to write an essay on a pharmaceutical industry topic. The committee will make a recommendation for scholarship awards based on (1) the quality of the writing (weighted 25%); (2) the level of original analysis conducted (weighted 25%); (3) the quality of the conclusion/recommendation (weighted 25%); and (4) whether the student achieved the objective (weighted 25%). Qualified students must complete the appropriate University requirements each year to demonstrate merit and financial need. One scholarship award will be made each year. Awards are not renewable.

Supply Chain Management Advisory Board Fellowship

A fellowship for full-time students admitted to the MBA program that are involved or interested in a career in SCM and intend to pursue this concentration at RBS.  An essay and interview are required.

William & Helen Von Minden Scholarship

This scholarship provides need-based scholarship assistance to students in the MBA in Professional Accounting program. This scholarship honors the memory of William Von Minden, founder of the Professional Accounting program, and his wife Helen.  The funds are derived from donations made by various certified public accounting firms, alumni, and friends of the program.

Rutgers Business School MBA/WNISEF Partnership

SEED Grant is a scholarship initiative created by Western NIS Enterprise Fund’s Economic Leadership Program. WNISEF provides full tuition scholarships to Ukrainian and Moldavian students who choose the RBS MBA to gain and expand their knowledge of the global business world and bring it back to their country of origin. To learn more, please contact