Webinar: Personal Branding: How to Stand Out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence (SCORE)

Rutgers Business School’s Virtual Lunch & Learn Series presents Rich Keller, Consultant, marketing executive, and Rutgers Business School Executive Education instructor. Keller brings a unique approach to personal branding. He understands the challenges associated with trying to discover what makes you stand out. He has learned that you can Conquer life’s Obstacles and Reach Excellence when you uncover your “One Word” core value, which he defines as who you are…NOT what you do!

Keller is a marketing executive recognized as a passionate, collaborative, and motivational change agent who drives transformational growth. He is a proven disruptive thinker with a unique skillset blending emotional brand building, financial acumen, and motivational leadership across large, medium, and start-up enterprises in the global luxury retail and food and beverage sectors.

During his career, Keller has led high-performance global teams for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Godiva, Planters and Chips Ahoy! His business approach hinges on relationship building and utilizing internal and external engagement to create a collaborative process for sharing experiences, connecting thoughts, debating ideas, developing solutions, and ultimately bridging gaps.

Keller is equally passionate about making an impact in his community. In 2014, he launched a 501c3 sports charity: S.C.O.R.E. 4 The Cure. S.C.O.R.E stands for Support Cancer Outreach, Research, and Education. The charity’s mission is: “To inspire kid & teen athletes to use their passion for playing sports to conquer cancer, one S.C.O.R.E. at a time.” All proceeds benefit pediatric cancer charities.

Personal Branding: How to Stand Out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence (SCORE)... All it takes is “One Word”

Originally aired September 22, 2023

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