DBA Dissertation Requirements

DBA Dissertation Committee

Each student is required to form a dissertation committee of at least 4 faculty members (the adviser, 2 additional internal full time RBS members, and 1 outside member). Dissertation committees must be sent to the DBA director for approval, along with the CV of the outside member. The Dissertation Committee is the candidate’s advising group. The candidate is strongly advised to consult and submit research results to all its members on a regular basis. The committee is expected to regularly review the candidate’s research progress. The completed dissertation must be approved by all members of the committee.

DBA Dissertation Proposal

The candidate must submit a written proposal to the committee members October 1st of their second year that clearly enunciates the research that will be undertaken, and clearly communicates content of the proposed dissertation. It is emphasized that the proposal is the vehicle for communicating the candidate’s project to the faculty. It should provide sufficient detail to allow the committee members to determine the validity and acceptability of the research, both in terms of quality and quantity. The dissertation proposal should then be prepared and defended in public no later than October 31st of the second year. The committee members need to be present for the proposal defense and will be required to evaluate the proposal. The chairperson (dissertation adviser) must inform the DBA director of the time and day of the proposal defense at least two weeks in advance. Upon receiving this information, the Program Office will circulate an announcement of the proposal to all members of the DBA faculty, other faculty, and students who may have an interest in the topic.

Final DBA Dissertation Defense

The final dissertation defense must be scheduled by May 1st of a student’s second year. For the dissertation defense, the same administrative rules apply as the dissertation proposal.