Student Profile

MBA Program

Public Business School in the Northeast U.S., 2018 (Financial Times)


MBA Employment among the Big 10 Schools, 2017 (Financial Times)


Top 10 MBA program in Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech, 2018 (

Class of 2020 Profile

Avg. Work Exp.: 4-6 years (61 months)
Avg. Age: 29

Avg. GPA: 3.31
Avg. GMAT: 683
Avg. IELTS: 7
Avg. TOEFL: 105

The MBA program consists primarily of 7 career tracks and 11 concentrations. Our curriculum prepares the students to be thought leaders in the workforce.

Career Tracks

What are you recruiting for?

  1. Consumer Marketing
  2. Pharmaceutical Marketing
  3. Corporate Finance
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Market Research
  6. Analytics
  7. Information Technology


Our MBAs study:

  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research Insights & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Commercialization, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
  • Analytics & Information Management


Coupled with:

  • Pharmaceutical Management
  • Strategy
  • Global Business
  • Leadership
RBS career services strongly encourages an opportunity for us to be on campus and interact with the students one-on-one, which helps us recruit the students that are the best fit for Dell.
—  Michael Dundas, SVP of Global Operations, Manufacturing Operations and Technology, Dell Technologies