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What is a Mini-MBA?

Welcome to the page dedicated to one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive here at Rutgers Business School Executive Education!

Mini-MBA programs are industry-recognized, certificate-bearing educational opportunities that enable professional learners to develop their skills and acumen in specialized business areas within an accelerated duration.

As stated by our Associate Dean Peter Methot, "Employers' expectations of training credentials as well as learners' willingness to postpone career opportunities are shifting. We believe that flexible, relevant and stackable credentials like a Mini-MBA will only continue to develop."

The Rutgers Mini-MBA™

With the Rutgers Mini-MBA, you have the opportunity to quickly secure new skills and obtain industry-relevant knowledge that can immediately be applied in your day-to-day and help accelerate your career trajectory. Several Mini-MBA offerings are available on a variety of timely and pertinent business topics.

Explore our current Mini-MBA program options

Along with mastering new skills, our Mini-MBA credential comes with:

Executive Education Certificate


To remind you of your accomplishment
Mini-MBA: Certificate Program

Digital Badge

To make others aware of your accomplishment
Graduation Cap


To give you a head start toward earning a graduate degree in the future
Reinvent self, team, and organization

Learn more about the Mini-MBA from the RBSEE Program Management Team.

In this on-demand webinar, the team shares helpful information about the Mini-MBA, including details on program structure and available offerings.

Faces of Executive Education alumni

How have today’s professionals benefited from completing a Mini-MBA program?

Review firsthand perspectives from our alumni.