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Semi-Customized Learning Solutions

Our Content in Your Context

With the heightened business complexities globally, companies are facing increased imperatives and challenges, one of which is keeping pace with the demand for a skilled workforce at all levels. The fierce competition over talent has further fastened the relation between employee retention and talent development programs.

Mirroring the current global shifts, the executive education modalities are yielding to creative solutions which allow for more adaptive forms of learning that, in turn, would safeguard long-term impact and ROI, with due consideration of timeframe and budget constraints.

Our semi-custom model for corporations is one such catalytic solution whereby you select from our vast repository of field-tested content and customize it to your organizational context. This unique approach is an interface of content developed by subject matter experts, reduced design time, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility to deliver in multiple formats, whether in-person, online (self-paced, asynchronous) and/or live-virtual (synchronous).

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Step 1

Business Challenge

We start with why: Probing the organizational and/or departmental context will uncover the situational matrix that has prompted the need for talent development.
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Step 2

Uncover Learner Needs

Who and What: The priority is to discover the full scope of the need – who is involved and what are the skills and knowledge necessary to make the desired changes.
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Step 3

Select and Develop Modules

Inventory existing and needed content: Present existing learning modules from the repository of various subject matter portfolios and articulate additional modules that need to be developed or adapted based on client’s need.
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Step 4

Design and Refine

Assemble modules, methodology and schedule: At this stage, we appoint faculty for the selected modules, choose delivery method (in-person, live-online, or on-demand online) and schedule to weave the program cohesively together.
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Step 5

Deploy and Measure Impact

Actionable learning: Finally, we work with the client and our faculty to design applied learning projects that convert the program experience into practical solutions for optimal organizational impact.

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