Finance & Economics Department

Research presentations by speakers from universities around the world focused on finance and economics.

Spring 2024





Harrison Hong - Columbia 

Green Stakeholders in Two-Sided Market


Ben Keys - Wharton

Credit When You Need It


Kelly Shue - Yale

Coarse Thinking: Interest Rates


Taha Choukhmane - MIT

What Drives Investors’ Portfolio Choices? Separating Risk Preferences from Frictions


David McLean - Georgetown

Behavioral Biases and Financial Advisor Misconduct


Scott Yonker - Cornell



Michael Ewens - Columbia

Irreplaceable Venture Capitalists

Fall 2023





Kristoph Kleiner - Indiana 

Are Judges Randomly Assigned to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases? Not According to Hedge Funds


Aditya Chaudhry - Ohio State

How Much Do Subjective Growth Expectations Matter for Asset Prices?


Jaewon Choi - UIUC

Does Foreign Institutional Capital Promote Green Growth for Emerging Market Firms?


Eva Steiner - Penn State

The Best Cities for Firms


Clifton Green - Emory

Expert Network Calls


Matthew Baron - Cornell

Survival of the Biggest: Large Banks and Financial Crises


Stas Nikilova - Nebraska

Corporate Bond Flipping

Spring 2023

02/24/2023Shan Ge - New York University - Stern School of BusinessThe Costs of Hedging Disaster Risk and Home Prices in the Face of Climate Change
03/03/2023Kai Li - University of British ColumbiaThe Eco Gender Gap in Boardrooms
03/10/2023David Solomon - Boston College - Carroll School of ManagementMarketwide Predictable Price Pressure
03/31/2023Jianqing Fan - PrincetonStructural Deep Learning in Conditional Asset Pricing
04/05/2023Russel Wong - Federal Reserve Bank of RichmondLeverage the Disagreement on Climate Change: Theory and Evidence
04/07/2023Robert Richmond - New York University - Stern School of BusinessUnderstanding the Strength of the Dollar
04/12/2023Andrei Goncalves - Ohio State University – Fisher College of BusinessThe Subjective Risk and Return Expectations of Institutional Investors
04/28/2023Lin William Cong - Cornell UniversityBuilding AI Models for Finance: Goal-Oriented Search

Fall 2022

9/30/2022Lawrence Schmidt - MITMarket Factor Measurement Error and a Re-evaluation of the Market Risk-Return Trade-off
10/7/2022Moto Yogo - Princeton UniversityFinancial Inclusion Across the United States
10/28/2022Ran Duchin - Boston CollegeSustainability or Greenwashing: Evidence from the Asset Market for Industrial Pollution
11/4/2022Alan Moreira - Rochester – Simon School of BusinessWhatever It Takes? The Impact of Conditional Policy Promises
11/11/2022Jose Barrero - ITAMWhy Working From Home Will Stick
12/2/2022Xing Huang - Olin Business School Washington Univ St. LouisThe Actual Retail Price of Equity Trades

Spring 2022

2/25/2022Lasse Pedersen - Copenhagen Business SchoolIs There a Replication Crisis in Finance?
3/4/2022Yixin Chen - Rochester – Simon Business SchoolFirm Characteristics and Stock Price Levels: A Long-Term Discount Rate Perspective
3/11/2022Francesco D'acunto - Boston CollegeHow Costly are Cultural Biases? Evidence from FinTech
4/1/2022Ralph Koijen - Chicago BoothAggregate Lapsation Risk
4/8/2022Hendrik Bessembinder - Arizona StateMutual Fund Underperformance at Long Horizons
4/29/2022Yueran Ma - Chicago BoothOverreaction in Expectations: Evidence and Theory
5/6/2022Nadya Malenko - Michigan – Ross School of BusinessCreating Controversy in Proxy Voting Advice
5/13/2022Benjamin Golez - Notre DameEquity Term Structure Response to FOMC Announcements

Fall 2021

10/1/2021Justin Birru - OSUDisentangling Anomalies: Risk Versus Mispricing
10/8/2021Kewei Hou - OSUSecurity Analysis: An Investment Perspective
10/15/2021Philipp Schnabel - NYU-SternThe Rise of Finance Companies and FinTech Lenders in Small Business Lending
10/29/2021Xavier Giroud - Columbia Business SchoolPropagation and Amplification of Local Productivity Spillovers
11/5/2021Markus Pelger - StanfordDeep Learning Statistical Arbitrage
11/12/2021Sean Myers - WhartonWhich Subjective Expectations Explain Asset Prices?
11/19/2021Sydney Ludvigson - NYUHow the Wealth Was Won: Factor Shares as Market Fundamentals