Full-Time MBA First-Year Experience

As a student enrolled in the Full-Time MBA program, you are provided with an intensive First-Year Experience to help you become a competitive MBA candidate for the summer internship search in your first year, and the full-time job search in your second. The First-Year includes the Career Management Program and On-Campus Recruitment Program.

Career Management Program

The Career Management Program (CMP) is a required, non-credit-bearing course for all first-year students in the Full-Time MBA Program. It begins in the summer and ends in the fall semester. The CMP introduces students to the career management process for obtaining summer internships in their first year and full-time opportunities in the second year. A satisfactory grade in the CMP is required for participation in the On-Campus Recruiting Program and for meeting the graduation requirements of the Full-Time MBA program.

On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR)

The On-Campus Recruiting Program consists of corporate presentations, on-campus interviews, and meet & greets that employers schedule to target Rutgers MBA students for summer internships in their first year and full-time positions in their second:

  • Corporate Presentations: OCM encourages companies to conduct on- or off-campus corporate presentations to market their full-time and summer internship opportunities to Rutgers MBA students.
  • Meet & Greets: A Meet & Greet is a career-fair-style event that allows an employer to meet exclusively with our MBA students. No other employers are present.
  • On-Campus Interviews: As a service to employers and students, OCM invites recruiters to interview students on campus for full-time and summer internship opportunities. Employers select applicants that best meet their recruiting needs.