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MSBF Admissions Process

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The MSBF targets academically strong students from both creative and business backgrounds. Career switchers, designers, entrepreneurs and those with business degrees and experience combine their diverse perspectives and backgrounds to create an enriched classroom experience. Admission is highly competitive and enrollment is limited. 

Decisions are made holistically and weigh various factors including academic background, graduate test scores, relevant work experience, and interest. The program is small and student-centric.

A bachelor’s degree is required. Those with undergraduate degrees in business, fine arts, design, economics, IT, computer science, communications and other creative arts or quantitative fields are encouraged to apply. As soon as the online application is completed with all requirements listed below, candidates will be selected for a personal interview by invitation only.

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Application Deadlines

Spring 2022 Term
Deadline: November 1, 2021
Stay competitive with industry classes designed to provide you with transferrable skills across all professions.

Tuition and Fees

If admitted to the program, incoming students have to pay three non-refundable fees within 7 days of admission, which include:

  1. Tuition deposit
  2.  Activity fee: includes orientation, events, guest speakers, and the mandatory soft-skills class and other ongoing activities/refreshments
  3. S&C modules fee: Online ‘boot camp’ course consisting of 7 modules which must be passed at a grade of 80 or above and show proficiency in topics such as statistics, algebra, calculus, accounting, finance, etc.

Tuition & Fees for full-time students per semester (12 or more credits)

Tuition - New Jersey Residents $13,852.00
Tuition - Out of State Residents $24,048.00
Campus Fee $877.00
Computer Fee $171.00
NJPIRG Fee (Optional Fee) $11.20
School Fee $375.00

Tuition & Fees for part-time students (11 or fewer credits)

Tuition - Per credit, New Jersey Residents $1155.00
Tuition - Per credit, Out of State Residents $2004.00
Campus Fee (Per Semester) $306.50
Computer Fee (Subject to Credit Hours) $88.50 - $171
NJPIRG Fee (Optional Fee) $5.50
School Fee $176.00

Housing and Dining

Employees on temporary work visas: New Jersey residency regulations do not recognize temporary work visas (H1) as evidence of residency; thus you will be paying out of state tuition. However, you can apply for a reduced tuition rate.


If you have any questions, please contact Gal Atia at