Tuition & Fees | Master of Accountancy in Governmental Accounting

Tuition & Fees for full-time students per semester (12 or more credits)

Tuition - In-State/Out-of-State $12,912.00
Off-Campus Fee (Per Semester) $995.00
Technology Fee $196.50

Tuition & Fees for part-time students (11 or fewer credits)

Tuition - In-State/Out-of-State (per credit) $1,076.00
Off-Campus Fee (Per Semester) $293.50
Technology Fee (Subject to Credit Hours) $114 - $196.50

*Candidates working within government, regardless of state residency, are eligible for in-state tuition.


All required courses and suggested program electives are provided online. Students may also choose electives from a variety of other programs, including MBA in Professional Accounting, MBA, and other accountancy courses. In-state students have the option of selecting in-classroom electives on the Newark and New Brunswick campuses with the approval of the program director.