"I get to mix what I know in accounting with what I've learned about fashion." - Rutgers Business School alumna Urvi Tiwari.

Alumna's dream job at Gucci mixes business and fashion

After studying accounting and finance as an undergraduate, Urvi Tiwari pursued a Master of Science in Business of Fashion to get the experience and connections to break into the fashion industry.

Urvi Tiwari, graduated 2018, Rutgers Business School-Newark

Job: Financial Analyst, Capital Expenditures, Gucci-North America, New York City

What she does: "I'm on a team of 14 people. I'm in charge of the budgeting for 110 stores across North America. I love being part of a small team. I'm learning so much."

Major: Finance, Accounting

Graduate degree: Master of Science in Business of Fashion

“The most common pathway for finance and accounting students is to go into banking or public accounting. That wasn’t for me. I love fashion. I always knew I wanted to be in the industry, but I needed specialized knowledge and a skill set. In my job, I get to mix what I know in accounting with what I’ve learned about fashion. The business of fashion program gave me the leverage I needed to break into the industry of my dreams and secure my dream job.”

Ambition: "I want to be the CFO, and this is the perfect way to start on the path to that position."

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