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Executive Education program focuses on customer experience strategy

Rutgers Business School today announced a new certificate program in customer centricity. The first Mini-MBA: Customer-Centric Management course will be offered by Rutgers Business School Executive Education Sept. 26-30, 2016, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Taught by a distinct blend of instructors, including industry experts and Rutgers faculty, attendees of this program will gain the knowledge to put a strategy in place that ensures the customer is at the center of a business’s philosophy, operations or ideas.

Companies are increasingly challenged to stay on top in a competitive business environment while keeping customers central to their business strategy. Leaders within these companies need to develop a strategy that ensures seamless customer interactions that are able to create strong brand loyalty. Unfortunately, many companies are still struggling to make this an integral part of their strategy.

"Creating and implementing a great customer experience strategy is a complex and long-term process. Complicating matters, are the many ways that consumers can interact with your business," said Vickie Anderson, Rutgers Business School Executive Education program manager. "Rutgers understands this problem and has created a program that provides the tools necessary to implement an effective strategy within an organization, creating value for your business."

"Today, the business community recognizes the importance of and is investing in getting their executives and teams up to date and up to speed on all things user experience."

This program is designed for executives and other leaders who are responsible for creating a business strategy.

"Today, the business community recognizes the importance of and is investing in getting their executives and teams up to date and up to speed on all things user experience," said Ronnie Battista, an executive education program faculty member.

There are numerous tactics and approaches that must be in place to maximize your customers’ experience and their interaction with your business and staff. The Mini-MBA program will tackle such topics as: Fundamentals of Customer Experience, Customer Experience Strategy, Aligning Customer and Business Value, and Customer-Centric Organizational Leadership and Transformation, all of which are necessary for an effective customer experience team.

"Industries that, until recently, have not seen a strong need for user experience are now clamoring for it, because the advantages of their once-impenetrable business processes are being overcome by both incumbent competitors and a host of digital startups," Battista said.

At the conclusion of this accelerated certificate program, participants will leave with actionable skills that are required to carry out a customer-centric program within their organization. They will gain a solid foundation of core concepts of strategic experience alignment to be executed upon returning to work.

Apply today for the Sept. 26-30 Mini-MBA: Customer-Centric Management course.

If prospective participants have any questions about the program or application, they can contact Vickie Anderson, program manager at: 848-445-9248 or:

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