Faculty Snapshot: Over 30 years of professional experience informs part-time lecturer’s teaching

Mitchell Novitsky

Adjunct faculty, Master of Accountancy in Taxation

Expertise: State and local taxation, advanced state and local taxation, tax research

Experience: Since 1986, Novitsky has worked at a number of major firms: Siemens, Arthur Andersen, Deloitte & Touche, New York City Department of Finance. He is currently a senior manager at Crowe LLP. He has taught at Rutgers Law School and Rutgers Business School since 2005.

Why he teaches: “Teaching is rewarding in several ways. I like to give back, pass along what I’ve learned as well as see different perspectives on issues. I feel that I am making differences in peoples’ lives when they are starting out in their careers.”

How does your professional experience influence your teaching? “I teach through practical application of the materials from my years of experience: bringing theory to practice in real-world situations. I tell them: ‘One day you will have a client in such-and-such situation; you will need to be able to spot the issues, and know where to get answers.’ “This way of teaching engages the students and helps them learn to analyze problems from different perspectives, and think through the best ways to address them.”

Mitchell Novitsky volunteers as a rabbi, performing a marriage.
Mitchell Novitsky volunteers at his synagogue, officiating services and weddings.

Outside the classroom: “I volunteer and I am very involved in my community.”

Quote: “I would like to be remembered for what I’ve done for others.”


Photo credit: iStock, Ultima_Gaina

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