Tyler Recinos is working on a Master of Science in Healthcare Services Management at Rutgers Business School.

Learning to use big data to make healthcare better

Tyler Recinos

Project manager, UnitedHealthcare, New York City, N.Y.

Rutgers Business School graduate student, Master of Science in Healthcare Services Management

His background: A big techie who has always been around computers. After studying political science as an undergraduate, he found a career path in the health insurance business.

How the master’s program is benefiting him: “By gaining more of an understanding of the industry in classes like operational analysis and healthcare finance, I can help improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare. We’re learning how to use data and analytics to make market decisions that can be applied to annual spending, negotiating premiums and setting prices. The healthcare industry is one of the slowest adopters of technology. There’s a huge demand for people with the ability to understand and translate big data so it can be used to move the ball forward.”   

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