(From left) Shweytank Agrawal, Manisha Meka, Harrison Mestel, Shan Wan, Linus Mastronardy collaborated in the MBA Team Consulting Program for UPS.

MBA with concentrations in supply chain management and finance bridges skillsets

Shweytank Agrawal, 2019 Graduate Programs Distinguished Leadership Award Winner

Prior to enrolling in the Rutgers Business School MBA program, Shweytank Agrawal gained four years of work experience in the operations and information technology sector. He has worked in warehousing, packaging, distribution, and demand planning, customer support, and application development, thus building a unique combination of business management and analytical skills.  

For his academic excellence, and the leadership he demonstrated as the graduate student body president representing the voice of over 2,000 students, Agrawal was selected to receive the 2019 Graduate Programs Distinguished Leadership Award.

“In a previous position, I was responsible for reducing the company’s operating expense in last mile delivery.  However, I was not able to view its financial impact.  I could not verify for myself and my company that we were operating in the most effective way,” Agrawal said.  He could provide the supporting evidence, but someone else completed the full-picture analysis. “The Rutgers MBA with concentrations in supply chain management and finance will bridge my skillsets and help me to advance my career,” said Agrawal.

“My summer internship followed by a part-time position with Goldratt Consulting gave me new challenges at work. I was asked to present my analysis of a potential client within a very short timeframe.  I was able to apply what I learned in Professor Valentin Dimitrov’s accounting course to analyze the balance sheet of the qualifying portfolio.” 

Shweytank Agrawal on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Shweytank Agrawal on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Agrawal will be working full-time at Goldratt Consulting after graduation where he is responsible for ensuring that the Theory of Constraints (TOC) solution elements are successfully implemented as specified in his relevant project plans.  (TOC is an overall management philosophy introduced by Eli M. Goldratt that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving more of its goals by a very small number of constraints. There is always at least one constraint, and TOC uses a focusing process to identify the constraint and restructure the rest of the organization around it.)

Professor Dimitrov’s accounting and Professor Langdana’s macroeconomics were two of my favorite classes.  Professor Dimitrov’s presentations were engaging and very informative.  Professor Langdana incorporated current Wall Street Journal articles into his lectures to provide real-world examples.  His stories from personal experiences filled in the histories and backgrounds that we did not know, and they brought situations to life.” 

The Distinguished Leadership Award was initiated in 2011.  It is given to one student leader from the Newark Undergraduate, New Brunswick Undergraduate, and Graduate Programs of Rutgers Business School. The award recognizes student leaders who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, service to RBS, and leadership potential. The name of each recipient is engraved onto the Rutgers Business School Bell and will continue in successive years.

The 2019 New Brunswick Undergraduate Program Distinguished Leadership Award recipient is Amanda Maher

The 2019 Newark Undergraduate Program Distinguished Leadership Award recipient is Nicolas Romero.

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