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Workforce Challenge to Learning Solution

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Business Challenge

Start with why: Deep understanding of organizational and/or departmental context will expose the situational change that has articulated the need for workforce development.

Key Questions:
1. Where is the organization now?
2. Where do they want to go?
3. Who are the decision-makers and what are their strategic priorities?
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Uncover Learner Need

Who and what is the priority: In this stage we look to uncover the scope of the need – who is involved and what are the skills or knowledge necessary to make change.

Key Questions:
1. Who are the learners?
2. What skills, knowledge or abilities do they need?
3. How will they transfer learning to impact?
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Select and Develop Modules

Inventory existing and needed content: Present existing modules and faculty from various subject matter portfolios that maps to the client need and articulate those that need to be developed or adapted.

Key Questions:
1. What modules already exist that map to learner need?
2. What modules need to be built, adjusted or adapted?
3. Is there need for company-specific instructional content to be interwoven?
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Design and Refine

Assemble modules, methodology and schedule: At this stage, we are organizing faculty, content and schedule, along with the various learning methodologies (in-person, live-online, or on-demand online) to weave the program story cohesively together.

Key Questions:
1. Will learners be earning graduate-level credit for this program?
2. What is the duration and mix of learning formats: in-person or online?
3. Which faculty align to required content, case studies or industry specialization?
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Deploy and Measure Solution

Learning to solve business challenge: Finally, we work with the client and our faculty to design an applied learning project that connects the program experience into practical solutions for both individual and organizational impact.

Key Questions:
1. Is there a specific company scenario or initiative to be tied into the capstone project?
2. What does success look like for both organization and individual?
3. Which data needs to be captured, analyzed and shared?