Part-Time MBA Final-Year Experience

As a Part-Time MBA student at Rutgers Business School, you will be provided with the Final-Year Experience to prepare you for the full-time job search.

The On-Campus Recruiting Program is held every fall semester because employers recruit for their MBA recruitment programs—typically analyst/associate-level roles, including their leadership and rotational programs—in the fall semester. Consequently, the OCM prepares graduating Part-Time students for the On-Campus Recruiting Program during the prior spring and summer semesters so that they are ready to compete. The OCM also posts direct-hire and needs-based hiring jobs for graduating students throughout the academic year, which runs through the month of August.

On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR)

The RBS On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program consists of corporate presentations, meet & greets, and on-campus interviews scheduled by employers to target Rutgers MBA students--Part-Time and Full-Time--by graduation year, for analyst and associate-level roles, including leadership and rotational programs.

  • Corporate Presentations

    OCM encourages companies to conduct on- or off-campus corporate presentations to market their full-time and summer internship opportunities to Rutgers MBA students. Following these presentations, companies schedule on-campus interviews for these opportunities.
  • Meet & Greets

    A meet & greet is a career-fair-style event that allows an employer to meet exclusively with our MBA students. No other employers are present.
  • On-Campus Interviews

    As a service to employers and students, OCM invites recruiters to interview students on campus for full-time. Employers select applicants that best meet their recruiting needs.

Career Management Workshop

The Career Management Workshop is a mandatory three-hour workshop held each spring to help graduating Part-Time MBA students participate in the fall semester On-Campus Recruiting Program for full-time positions. It is the responsibility of each Part-Time MBA student to have completed a minimum of 24 credits of coursework by the end of the summer semester to be eligible to attend the Career Management Workshop.

RBS Policies

Part-Time MBA Students must have attended the Career Management Workshop to participate in the On-Campus Recruiting Program. Student participation in the On-Campus Recruiting Program is limited to one academic year only.

No-Show Policy

Students must attend OCM events for which they have registered. A no-show must be followed by a written explanation describing the personal or medical emergency that prevented attendance; no explanation will result in de-activation of the student's BusinessKnight account.

Lateness Policy

Students arriving late to an OCM event will not be admitted. Students who arrive late for two events will not be permitted to attend other OCM events; their BusinessKnight account may be de-activated as well.