Summer Intensive Business English and Leadership

The CFA exams are only given in English. In addition, English is the language of business. Our 6-week Summer Intensive Business English is designed to prepare students academically, and also provides a way for students to improve their English proficiency. Our program focuses on strengthening English speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills, while expanding practical skills such as

  • professional networking
  • public speaking
  • conducting meetings, interviews, and negotiations
  • writing persuasively

By taking SIBE, successful students should perform better in their Finance classes as well as on the CFA exams. International students who have spent less than two years studying in an English-speaking country will benefit from taking SIBE and are required to do so. See the admissions section for more information on how we determine an applicant's level of English proficiency.

The Leadership, Business English, and Soft Skills Training (LeadBEST*) Intensive is a comprehensive 6-week training program tailored to equip our students with the crucial skills for both academic and professional success. *Pending Name Change from SIBE