Program Overview

Accelerated MBA Program for Rutgers Undergraduates

Students in the Accelerated MBA Program for Rutgers Undergraduates will follow a traditional undergraduate degree track their first three years, and then are permitted to take four MBA core courses (12 credits) in their fourth year to satisfy their undergraduate credit requirements and obtain a jump start on their MBA. In addition to the four MBA core classes, it is required that students take calculus and statistics to meet the pre-requisite requirements for the MBA degree.

Rutgers Business School Newark or New Brunswick

Students from both campuses are eligible to apply to the Accelerated MBA Program for Rutgers Undergraduates. Business School students should work with their academic advisor to make sure they qualify for the Accelerated MBA program and they must get the senior associate dean’s approval in order to apply to the BS/MBA program.

Rutgers-Newark Students

The four MBA core classes satisfy the restricted elective requirement at the undergraduate level. It is recommended that two of the MBA courses be taken in the fall and an additional two in the spring of the fourth year, allowing you the cost savings of paying for those courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.

Rutgers-New Brunswick Students

Students enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) in New Brunswick should work closely with an academic advisor within their major and within the Rutgers Business School to meet the general education requirements including SAS’s minor requirements.

Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences – New Brunswick Students

Students in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) must complete a SEBS major with a minimum of 128 credits (159 credits for the 5-Year Bioenvironmental Engineering Program). Students should consult with their Academic Advisor and the Office of Academic Programs and Research regarding requirements for SEBS graduation.

Rutgers School of Engineering – New Brunswick

Students in the School of Engineering should contact their advising dean in the Office of Academic Services (Engineering-B100) for details about the program and the application process. The calculus requirement is automatically satisfied provided a grade of B or better is earned. Majors that require a statistics or probability course will also satisfy the statistics requirement; other majors should complete a statistics course as a technical or general elective. The four MBA courses in the senior year will count as technical and/or general electives for the BS degree.

* Students in the Industrial and Systems Engineering department, who are interested in pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management, have the option of pursuing a specialized program.


Please contact our Graduate Admissions office at (973) 353-1234 or via email at