Webinar: Everyone Can Make Sound Financial Decisions

Rutgers Business School presents Ken Freeman, director – Road to Wall Street Program, discussing risk/reward trade-offs present in all business investments.

Freeman will demonstrate financial tools and models that can be used to evaluate the probability that future benefits will be significant enough to justify upfront costs when considering new strategic initiatives or investments in your organization.

The concepts of the Time Value of Money, Return on Investment, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Payback Period will be explored.

Freeman is also an experienced lecturer of finance who is very well rated by his students each year. His previous industry employers include Deutsche Bank and Value Architects Asset Management. He is particularly skilled in Microsoft Excel, Valuation, Corporate Finance, and Private Equity.

Freeman earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Rutgers Business School and his Master’s in Financial Management from Boston University. Freeman teaches Rutgers Business School Executive Education programs such as the Mini-MBA: Healthcare Management.

Originally aired January 19, 2022

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