Webinar: Small Business Survival Strategies, Crisis Management

Rutgers Business School’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) is used to nurturing small business owners. Now, with hundreds of enterprises they helped to grow – and many more across New Jersey and the region – facing huge losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the center presented the Business Survival Strategies, a Crisis Management Webinar, Mar 27, 2020.  It was created and facilitated by Marce Zuchovicki the founder of Jalima & Associates and an alumna of the center’s Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative.  Zuchovicki focused on actionable tools to help small businesses immediately prepare, navigate and excel during times of global uncertainty.

Lyneir Richardson, the executive director of CUEED said, “The webinar will provide some techniques and tools for how to stay in business during this time of uncertainty – how to think about government assistance, how to maintain optimism, how to have conversations with landlords and lenders, how to create a roadmap to recovery. This is a how-to-stay alive.”

CUEED Business Survival Strategies Webinar with Marce Zuchovicki

Originally aired Mar 27, 2020.   See upcoming webinars.


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