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Road to Silicon V/Alley Program (RSVP)

The Road to Silicon V/Alley Program (RSVP) paves the way for students to become leaders in innovation (intrapreneurship) and entrepreneurship in a digital age. Rutgers Business School is working with university partners to be at the forefront of enhancing the educational opportunities for students across Rutgers University.

Outside of the program’s curriculum, students, faculty, corporate partners and alumni connect and collaborate to create a think-tank of inventive and modernized solutions for tomorrow’s society. The program follows a experiential and multidisciplinary model that focuses in five key areas

  • Technology acumen
  • Business acument
  • Success skills
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship

Corporate partners leverage this program to find a talent pool of Rutgers intrapreneurs, innovators, and creatives who have developed strong technical skills, business acumen, and critical soft skills. Additionally, their contributions to the design of the curriculum help shape future business innovators.

RSVP’s first cohort of 80+ students completed the program in 2020. RSVP will continue to grow student cohorts over the next five years to serve 200+ students from across colleges at Rutgers University.

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Opportunities to Get Involved

Mentoring RSVP students: Lend your experience by mentoring a student interested in tech and innovation— help them navigate course selections, career preparation, and internship opportunities

Hosting Site Visits and Workshops: Open the doors of your company to a group of RSVP students, sharing knowledge about your industry and allowing them to experience a day in the life of a professional innovator

Providing Internships and Jobs: Hire an RSVP student at your company, for a summer internship or a full-time job

Investing in Student Ventures: Want to partner directly with RU student entrepreneurs? Invest in a student-led start-up

Joining the Road to Silicon V/Alley Board: Ready for a leadership position? Join the RSVP board and open doors for innovators and create collaborative opportunities and partnerships for significant impact

opportunities to engage with rsvp

five student winners of hult prize boston regionals posing for picture
Hult Prize Boston Regional winners worked closely with Rutgers EcoComplex to develop solar light technology to purify water.
mukesh m. patel
Faculty Spotlight- Founding Director

Mukesh M. Patel

Professor Patel is the founding director, and a serial entrepreneur with experience in private equity angel investments, innovation, business law, and education. As a professor at Rutgers Business School and recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Innovative Education, he designs and teaches groundbreaking, experiential and interdisciplinary courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, across schools including business, law, engineering, and STEM.