Master of Supply Chain Analytics Peer Mentors and Alumni

Peer mentors and alumni are valuable resources in our program who help us build a loving and supportive community.  The peer mentor program at the MSCA program provides additional support to students' career success. Mentors utilize their own experience in job searching to guide mentees to help them improve the desirable skills in the job market and empower them to achieve their goals even facing obstacles. Our alumni are excellent examples of real-life success stories. Their experiences have inspired students to set long-term goals and develop confidence in a competitive job market.


Meet Our Spring 2023 Peer Mentors

zhaoyang liHabibah Aftab

Academic Background: Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics;
Undergraduate: Bachelors of Electrical Engineering
Work Experience: A total of 2.5 years of work experience across FMCG, Steel Manufacturing Industry and Engineering Sales and Business Development
Personal Interest: Writing, Reading, Hiking, Cooking

I'm an aspiring Supply Chain Professional eager to learn and grow with an open mind. Having worked in manufacturing industries and B2B sales, Planning, Problem Solving and Negotiating tops my skill set while Leadership and Communication are my prominent key strengths. The intricacy of supply chain processes and room for innovation and improvement in the field inspire me every day and that is why I have chosen to be a part of MSCA initiative so that I can learn and grow from everyone around while simultaneously giving back to our RBS community and help students excel in all domains. Together, we can make a lot of difference in finding out solutions to all your career-related and academic queries. Don't hesitate to reach out to me with your questions and confusions. Looking forward to working with you all. 

zhaoyang liPang-Yuan Lin

Academic Background: Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics, Class of 2023;
Undergraduate: Bachelor of Business Administration
Work Experience: 2 years of experience in sales, logistics, and marketing​​​​​​​
Skillsets: R, Python, Tableau, SQL​​​​​​​
Personal Interest: Travel, Basketball, Tennis​​​​​​​

You might think there are too many supply chain-related job openings and that determining a career path is challenging. You are not alone, so don't worry. The MSCA program offers much assistance with both academics and employment. As a peer mentor, I would like to use my experiences to help other students, especially international students like me, who need help finding internships or jobs, and network with experienced alums. As I have received so much support from the program and alums, I wish to help more fellow students. The program is fantastic, and I look forward to working with everyone. Please feel free to contact me.

ruchi khetaniMaharghya Basu 

Academic Background: Undergraduate: Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering;
Graduate: Master of Science, Supply Chain Analytics
Work Experience: 4.5 years of experience in management consulting working across strategy,  performance, pricing & contracting for a pharmaceutical client
Personal Interest: Soccer, Cooking, Music

During the second-last semester of my undergrad, I embarked on educating and coaching myself on how to enter the corporate world. I believed that simply learning new things would not suffice. It was imperative that I know how to translate the same into the business world by bringing value using the skillsets I had developed and could potentially develop. 4.5 years in management consulting helped me hone new skills, network and led to mutual growth and benefits. My own experiences as well as being part of campus recruitment for my former employers made me empathize with student job seekers. I would like to use my educational background and work experience to help my peers network and identify new opportunities. The MS Supply Chain Analytics at RBS is one of the best programs. I want to help my peers across the line not only by leveraging this platform and the skills they have attained from prior experiences but also by bridging the gap between their current skills and the requirements of the roles. I am excited to meet and learn from everyone. I am optimistic about this program being a fruitful experience.

Past Peer Mentors

Zhaoyang Li, Peer Mentor Spring 2022

Zhaoyang LiAcademic Background: Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics, Class of 2022

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Information Systems

Work Experience: Replenishment Analyst – Walmart, Global Sourcing Division

Logistics Intern – COFCO Coca-Cola

Skillsets: R, SAP S/4 HANA, Retail Link, ThoughtSpot, Advanced Excel, MySQL, Tableau

Personal Interest: Guitar, Hiking, Cooking



The term supply chain may seem overwhelming at first glance, but don’t worry: you made the right choice to choose a supply chain career, and the MSCA program will make you well prepared for the upcoming responsibilities and challenges. As a peer mentor, I want to share with you my industry experiences and my own struggles to help you from both professional and personal standpoints on your career-related pain points. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I believe by working together, we can achieve some great results.

Ruchi Khetani, Peer Mentor Spring 2022

Ruchi khetaniAcademic Background: Undergraduate: Double Major in Finance and Supply Chain Management;

Graduate: Supply Chain Analytics

Work Experience: 5 years of cross-functional experience in: Marketing Strategy, Data Strategy, Project Management, Product Management

Personal Interest: Cooking, Travel, Music


Trying to figure out a career path that leads to fulfillment and success, both on a personal and professional level is a difficult task. It certainly was for me! However, the journey is about learning. As a Peer Mentor, I would like to share my experiences, tips, and tricks on how to navigate this journey. Through my educational background and work experience, I have been able to consistently grow and diversify my skills, identify new opportunities, and create a network of people who support me and champion my development. I want to be able to share how that can be achieved and help other students really build their own brand. I am excited to be a part of this program and look forwards to working with everyone!

Ankitha Tated, Inventory Planner – Caterpillar Inc, Peer Mentor Fall 2021

Ankitha TatedAcademic Background: Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics, Class of 2022; Undergraduate: Bachelors in Commerce (Marketing Management)

Work Experience: 8 years in Supply Chain Planning

  • Inventory Planner – Caterpillar Inc
  • Supply Planner – Caterpillar Inc
  • Material Planner – Caterpillar Inc

Skillsets: Tableau, Power BI, Python, R, SAP (MM), Advance Excel

Personal Interest: Hiking, Travel, and Cooking


Searching for jobs, preparing resumes, and working on interview questions can be daunting and tricking at times. As a peer mentor, I want to be there in this journey for those who need help in understanding this process and navigate through it to find the right opportunities. After attending many different career fairs, resume workshops, job interviews, I know what it takes to find that right opportunity, and I want to share that experience with you all. Please feel free to reach out to me or connect with me, and I will be more than happy to help.

Liting Zhang, Regional Transportation Organization Co-Op - Johnson & Johnson, Peer Mentor Fall 2021

Liting ZhangAcademic Background: Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics, Class of 2022; Undergraduate: Finance(Major), Economics(Minor)

Work Experience:

  • Regional Transportation Organization Co-Op - Johnson & Johnson
  • Teller - Citi
  • Manager Assistant - Trans World Freight Systems Co.

Skillsets: Python, R, SAP S/4 HANA (basic), Tableau, Power BI, Alteryx, Llamasoft

Fun facts: Cooking, Reading bedtime story to my son, Travel, Zumba Dance on Nintendo



After the pandemic, supply chain suddenly becomes a hot topic. That’s part of the reason I’m joining MSCA Program. Coming from no supply chain background to studying in Rutgers, and now being a Co Op in JNJ, I was confused at one time. Now I’ve explored a way of study and entering supply chain field. If you are also from non supply chain related background to this program, please feel free to contact me and I’m more than happy to answer questions in choosing courses and career preparation.

Kevin Malar, Supply Chain Analyst - Intel Corporation, Spring 2021

Kevin MalarKevin Malar – Class of 2021

Supply Chain Analyst - Intel Corporation

Academic Background: B.S in Supply Chain Management, M.S in Supply Chain Analytics

Years of Working Experience: 2 years

Industry: Semiconductors

Hometown: Clark, New Jersey

Personal Interest: Guitar and Bass Guitar, Cooking, Wine, Vinyl, and Reading



As a Peer Mentor, I hope to help my fellow students achieve the same success that I’ve found as a student at Rutgers Business School. RBS and the SCM department have given me many opportunities to build and cultivate my brand and develop skills relevant to my ideal career field. Working as a Peer Mentor, I want to be there for those who need help navigating the complicated and often frustrating job-hunting process. I have participated in countless career fairs, job interviews and submitted hundreds of applications, and I know what it takes to make it out of the process with an offer letter. I hope to help my fellow students through this process, providing advice on the job search, interviews, and finding the right career. I look forward to working with everyone.

Jingying (Una) Du, Intern, Supply Chain Excellence - Catalent, Peer Mentor Spring 2021

Jingying (Una) DuJingying (Una) Du – Class of 2022

Intern, Supply Chain Excellence - Catalent

Academic Background: B.S in Economics, B.S in Statistics, M.S in Supply Chain Analytics

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Personal Interest: Travel, Kayaking, Hiking, Reading on the beach



I joined the program in 2020, one of the most unprecedented, uncertain, and challenging years. But this was the year when I finally discovered my career interests and goals. It was also the year when I pushed myself the most to pursue what I wanted. Surprisingly, as someone with Economics and Statistics background, I started my first job in the supply chain sector. The Master of Supply Chain Analytics program is diverse enough to encourage students with different backgrounds to explore the supply chain. As a Peer Mentor, I want to be able to share my personal experience of goal setting and career development with my fellow students and encourage others to pursue their goals and believe in themselves. I was lucky enough to have so much help and support when I was unsure. It is my pleasure, working as a Peer Mentor, to help my fellow students when they need the support. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Meet Our Alumni

Anthony Watanabe, Class of 2022, Supply Chain Analyst at Mondelēz

Yiwen Wu, Class of 2022, Transformation Consulting Associate at PwC

zhaoyang liYiwen Wu

Academic Background: Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics, Class of 2022

Work Experience: PwC – Transformation Consulting Associate

1-year work experience in procurement and material management 

Personal Interest: Pilates, Hiking, LEGOs



I majored in Supply Chain Management during my undergraduate study and my internship allowed me to apply the industry knowledge I gained from school. However, the work experience also made me realize my weakness in the analytical aspect of the supply chain. The Supply Chain Analytics Program at Rutgers helped me to build a solid knowledge base in dealing with data and interpreting graphs, and more importantly how to use them in business decision-making. Besides the variety of courses offered in this program, another unique thing is that whether you have been in the industry for years or just stepped into it, you can find courses at different levels to advance your skills and meet knowledgeable professionals to learn more about their insights from the real-world experience. Even if you do not have a clear career goal yet, do not hesitate to try and explore new possibilities. I never thought I would end up in consulting after graduation, but when the opportunity comes, I am always ready and prepared to take on new challenges.

Gregory Harnett, Class of 2021, Operations Specialist at Merck

Gregory HarnettMerck, Operations Specialist

Academic Background: B.S. Management, M.S. Supply Chain Analytics

Years of Working Experience Prior to the Program: 0, just two 3-month long internships

Industry: Pharmaceuticals/Operations

Hometown: Ringoes, New Jersey


I had a memorable experience within the Supply Chain Analytics Program at Rutgers Business School. Although I did not have a background in Supply Chain, this program allowed me the opportunity to get exposed to an entirely new area of interest. The SCA program was influential in helping me identify career opportunities and ultimately land my first role out of college. Additionally, the program was an excellent opportunity to connect/collaborate with other like-minded individuals and professors to ultimately learn all about Supply Chain Analytics.

The professors and administration at RBS offer you all the resources necessary to make the most of your time at RU. If you have an interest and desire to learn in this program, you will truly have a great experience.

One of the best things about this program is how most of the topics in the classroom relate directly to the business world. You will come to find that many professors have worked with major companies and offer a unique perspective for students to learn applicable lessons.

Arushi Daggumati, Class of 2021 (Part-Time), Senior Manager at Wella Company

Arushi Daggumati

Sr. Manager – Third Party Manufacturing Procurement, NA Team Lead, Wella Company

Full-time employee, Part-time MSCA student

Academic Background:BS in Industrial Engineering, MS in Supply Chain Analytics

Years of Working Experience: 5.5 years

Industry: Beauty

Hometown: Central New Jersey

Personal Interest:Eating, traveling, hiking, kickboxing, rock climbing, and swimming

Contact: LinkedIn

After completing my BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering, I began my career as a Supply Chain Analyst at Philips Lighting. Truly enjoying my time in the role and quickly understanding the importance of data for decision making, I wanted to learn more about data analytics in supply chain to help advance my career quickly. Looking into various Masters programs and networking with previous professors at Rutgers, I learned of the MSCA program – which was PERFECT for what I was looking to learn!

Throughout the course of this program, I was able to diversify my skills in the supply chain space and learn so much about data analytics, interpretation and presentation. Through these skills, I was able to transition to L’Oreal and work in various roles with suppliers to improve their overall supply chain through the use of data analytics.

I am able to directly apply learnings from the MSCA program to my day-to-day work and it has helped me grow through reach role I’ve held through the past 4 years. I would recommend this program to all interested and would be happy to share my experiences with you!     

My favorite quote to share:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

Quanrui Liu, Class of 2020, Supply Chain Consultant at Johnson & Johnson

Nikita Bhosale, Class of 2020, Buyer/Planner at Bayer

Nikita Bhosale

Bayer U.S. LLC, Buyer/Planner Co-op from June-Dec’19

hired upon graduation

Academic Background: BA in Supply Chain Management & Economics from Michigan State University

Master in Supply Chain Analytics

Years of Working Experience: 2 years

Industry: Manufacturing– Food and Healthcare

Hometown: India


The reason I chose Rutgers Master in Supply Chain Analytics Program is to broaden my skills not only in the Supply Chain domain but also, to dig deep into the Analyt ical aspect. With data becoming so prominent in our everyday life learning how to manage it and utilize it to our benefit is a necessity. The program taught me various methods and technologies to tackle this necessity which I know has and will help me adv ance my career. The only thing constant is change and with the advancements in the industry the only way to keep up is to constantly keep learning which I gained from taking this program.

My favorite quote to share:

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.” -John. D. Rockefeller

Linjie Lai, Class of 2020, Area Manager at Amazon

Linjie Lai

Amazon - Area Manager

Hired 2 months before graduation

Academic Background: B.S in Marketing

M.S in Supply Chain Analytics

Years of Working Experience: 0.5 years

Industry: Logistics/E-commerce

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Personal Interest: Travel, Sports


I am honored and fortunate to further my study in supply chain analytics program. In the program, there’s always a huge space for you to establish achievements and seek career opportunities as long as you are determined about your goal and willing to explore. The faculty members in this program always give tremendous help and support to help you become a better version of yourself.

When I first came to this program, I was not a good candidate in the supply chain field. However, after actively engaging in substantial curriculum and practical workshops, I gained so much knowledge and insights from this community. I became well prepared for my dream job and a competitive candidate among my peers.

I am sure you will not be disappointed by the exploration of this program.

My favorite quote to share:

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” -Vince Lombardi

Wayne Chen, Class of 2019, Data Scientist at Intel

Wayne ChenData Scientist, Recent College Grad Hire - Intel Corporation

Academic Background: B.S in Supply Chain Management & Marketing Sciences, M.S in Supply Chain Analytics

Years of Working Experience: 3 years

Industry: Semiconductors

Hometown: Livingston, New Jersey

Personal Interest: Cooking, Fitness, Personal Finance, Economics, Philosophy

Contact:LinkedIn | Website

Fascinated by how businesses ran growing up, I knew Supply Chain was for me after taking the intro course during my undergraduate tenure. Witnessing what a critical role data analytics played to drive efficiencies in businesses, I started looking for ways to marry the two concepts together. I was sold on the MSCA program after seeing how it seamlessly tied together both analytics and supply chain concepts.

The MSCA program introduced me to the possibilities of how leveraging analytics can help business processes be more efficient. More importantly, it taught me who benefits from better and more timely decisions upstream: the people of the world!

My favorite quote to share:

"Most people want to be a bestseller rather than write a great book. Write that great book.” -Anon

Qiying Xu, Class of 2017, Data Analyst & Vice President Assistant at Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics

Qiying XuData Analyst & Vice President Assistant - Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.

Promoted from Data analyst 6 months after hired.

Academic Background: BS in Management and SCM; Master of Supply Chain Analytics

Years of Working Experience:  2 years

Industry: E-commerce; Medical Device

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Personal Interest: Travelling, Exploring, Learning different culture and lifestyle

Contact: LinkedIn – Qiying Xu (Shirley)

MSCA’s admission offer came at the time when I was rejected multiple times on job interviews after earned my bachelor's degree. I wasn’t clear what I want to do as a career, and somehow,I felt the interviewers know my lack of concentration. I am extremely grateful to have known Professor Alok Baveja, who was my mentor and my part-time job boss, and he introduced the program to me just at the right time.

The  program would  allow me  another year to  not  only  gain expertise in a specific domain but also identify my career path.Also,I will be eligible fora three-year OPT extension since the program  is  a  STEM  program.Therefore,joining  the MSCA program was a clear benefit. It was an easy yes for me to accept the admission offer. Some of the moments I enjoyed the most in the program were in an industry client project. We helped solve a  real-life  problem,  on  flower  game  when  we  were  tensely negotiating   with   our   suppliers.   Business   forecasting, Data analysis, and decision making were a headache to start with, but eventually, they become the most unregretful courses I took.

My career also started turning around. I landed a part-time job at OEC  group in my  first  semester  and  met  a  group  of  lovely colleagues.  I  got  an  invitation  from  Amazon  on  Linked-In  and received my first full-time job offer. Professor Weiwei Chen was supporting me throughout my choices. When I realized the role of  Amazon  was  not  what  I  wanted  for  the  long  term,  he encouraged me to follow my heart and passion.

Currently, I am in China,working 40% as a data analyst and 60% as  a  vice  president  assistant.  My  daily  life  is  working  on  data visualization  projects  using  Tableau  and excel  and preparing contents  and  arrangements  for the  vice  president. I  can  see where  the  future  is  leading  us --big  data utilization  and  lean value  chain,  and  I  feel  more  than  grateful  to  have  learned  the skills and mindset to catch the trend.

My favorite quote to share:

“Live the life you love, love the life you live.”