Tuition and Fees

Ph.D. Program

Program Cost

Amounts are for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. The university reserves the right to alter the amounts indicated on the following schedule at any time before the first day of classes of any term.

Please note: Teaching Assistants receive full tuition remission, including fees.


  Tuition Fees**
NJ Resident $8,616.00/term (semester) $1,095.70/term (semester)
Non-NJ Resident $14,652.00/term (semester) $1,095.70/term (semester)


  • Full-time status achieved at 9.0 credits. Calculate tuition per credit up to 12 credits. Twelve or more credits capped at the 12 credit rate.
  • International Students are charged Health Insurance Premiums of $1025.50 for full-time students. International students are also charged a $250.00 Sevis Administration Fee for F1 and JI visa holders.


  Tuition Fees**
NJ Resident $718.00/credit $358.50 + Computer Fee (from $84 to $159)
Non-NJ Resident $1,221.00/credit $358.50 + Computer Fee (from $84 to $159)


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