Student Involvement

Undergraduate Program in Newark

There are many ways to get involved at Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate - Newark. One great way is to join a student organization. Our diverse and well-rounded student body has led to the creation of all kinds of clubs, so you can be confident you'll find something that interests you.


Tau Sigma Honor Society

The mission of the honor society is to “recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students.” In 2011, the Rutgers-Newark chapter was created and in October 2013, the Newark College of Arts and Sciences/University inducted the chapter’s new members into the honor society. Rutgers Business School-Newark inducted their first class in 2017.

APICS Rutgers Newark Student Chapter

The objectives of this organization include:

  • To help students gain and develop skills that will ensure their competitiveness in the job market and industry.
  • Foster the growth of the membership of interested Supply Chain students.
  • Create a community for students to network both, within the Rutgers community and with industry professionals.
  • Become the student resource for anyone interested in Supply Chain at Rutgers-Newark.

Ascend: Pan-Asian Leaders


Our organization was launched by a group of dedicated professionals who were committed to advancing the finance and accounting professions in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities.


Our membership includes people from all dimensions of finance, professional services and business—CFOs, treasurers, professional services providers, financial services executives, tax professionals, financial operations, financial advisors, and many others in business, government, academia and the community. Membership is open to all individuals who share our mission regardless of ethnicity and professional background.


The mission of Ascend is to continuously influence and encourage the development of accounting professionals, finance professionals and students while serving as a collective voice for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the field of accounting and finance.


Ascend's vision is to enhance the presence and influence of Asian and Pacific Islander leaders in finance, accounting and business.

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Association of Latino Professionals For America

Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) creates job opportunities for students, builds relationships between students and professionals in the corporate field, and engages in fellowship activities in the surrounding communities. This student-governed chapter is a nationally recognized organization that has the largest corporate sponsors in the world ranging from "The Big Four", Prudential, J&J, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Unilever as well as many more.

ALPFA is the proud successor of the American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants (AAHCPA), the first national Latino professional association in the United States. Established in 1972, this Association continues to build upon our proud legacy of shared values and guiding principles.

Upon this bedrock of shared values, the Association's visionary founders launched an ambitious mission that they pursued over the course of thirty years. Committed to its shared values and to its mission, the Association flourished, expanding its base of operations to fifteen chapters nation-wide with several more in formation

As heir to this rich legacy, ALPFA's current Board of Directors, with the support of the Corporate Advisory Board, is innovatively addressing the challenges that lie ahead by promoting the highest standards of excellence for itself and for its members. ALPFA advances into the 21st century as an experienced professional association dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos in the accounting, finance and related professions.

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Business Association of Supply Expertise

The Business Association of Supply Expertise (BASE) is a supply chain organization willing to enrich Rutgers students' professional careers.


To be the most reliable complement for students in need of technical skills. A place where students can gain the technical skills required to take advantage of every professional opportunity.


The Business Association of Supply Expertise is a passionate organization comprised of Rutgers Business School Students, for Rutgers Business School Students. We strive to provide our members with meaningful professional development and networking opportunities that will empower them to become the next generation of supply chain leaders.

Delta Sigma Pi

We are a co-educational business fraternity that grants exclusive membership to our members who are able to join our ranks. We focus on the development of all students with different majors across Rutgers Business School as well as Economics majors.

Management Information Systems Association

Management Information Systems Association (MISA) is an organization that is dedicated to giving students a chance to connect with each other and share the knowledge of Management Information Systems (MIS). A better understanding of MIS will offer students a more defined career path. The opportunity to network with professional speakers in the MIS field may open potential doors for our members with numerous corporations, firms, and organizations.

Marketing and Management Society

Marketing Management Society (MMS) is a student run organization that offers memorable, professional experiences that enhance the scope of the Rutgers Business School education.  We frequently host a variety of events including: information sessions, guest speakers, workshops, fundraisers, and community service events.

MMS strives to provide Marketing and Management students a connection to the outside business world and create networking opportunities for internships & employment. We offer our members relative, hands-on experience and foster creative ideas directly related to their professional goals and interests.

In a nutshell, we aim to help our members and the Rutgers Business School students succeed.

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National Association of Black Accountants

The Rutgers Newark Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) has the largest student support in the state of New Jersey. Many of its members have been very successful in their respective fields and have continued on to become CPA‘s and top managers within major firms and corporations.

NABA continues to work on campus for the betterment and edification of all students in any major. Its commitment to excellence has made its student members some of the most sought after on campuses across the country. Its emphasis on character building, ethics, morality and professionalism has helped students gain the respect and competence needed to maintain that competitive edge in the business environment. To encourage a continued commitment to excellence, NABA rewards its student members with scholarships based on need and academic performance.

NABA has many conventions throughout the year. The student convention, which is held in October, provides an excellent opportunity for students to attend skills workshops, and interview with prospective employers for summer internships and/or full time employment.

President Leadership Council

All the Student Organization Presidents of recognized official clubs at RBS take part of this council. It provides the opportunity for the students to give valued feedback and partner with the Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Programs to continue to make improvements that impact the entire student body.

Rutgers Accounting Society

The Rutgers Accounting Society (RAS) offers activities including workshops in resume preparation, how to prepare for a job interview, the Volunteers in Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program and how to successfully prepare to take the CPA examination. Representatives from major accounting firms, CPA review courses and private industry, are invited to speak and answer questions pertaining to today‘s job market as well as speak on what things are happening in the accounting field in general.

Rutgers Finance Society

The Rutgers Finance Society aims to facilitate networking and educational opportunities for our members within the financial industry. One way that we advance this goal is by having industry professionals speak to and network with our members to give them an understanding of what finance is all about, the reality of the current economic situation and a better grasp of the many career opportunities available within finance.

Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business

Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business or "RUWIB" is a club that supports and encourages professional women in the business community. RUWIB is committed to encouraging personal growth for the student body through social events and opportunities where they will be able to network with fellow Rutgers students, alumni, faculty, administrators and leaders in the outside business community.

Our goals are:

  • To bring together, empower and unite young women interested in business and expand the view of women’s leadership to a global perspective.
  • To assert the importance of women leadership and solidarity.
  • To present young women with opportunities to discover and develop their leadership role in business and the world at large and further the development of young women in becoming effective, ethical and empowered leaders;
  • To promote and encourage young women leaders in their chosen careers;
  • To find ways of serving the campus and the greater Newark community, leveraging our leadership skills and business knowledge.

Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business is open to all undergraduate students of Rutgers-Newark University.