Online Audit Analytics Certificate Program

The audit analytics certificate program is an “add-on” to the Master of Accountancy Financial Accounting program and set of services for the MBA in Professional Accounting program.

The online Audit Analytics Certificate Program is designed to be a self-contained set of non-matriculated courses that can be taken by self -actualizing professionals that need to update their analytics skills and promote change in the profession towards a modern audit.


  • Meet the demand for effective and efficient audit methodologies in profession.
  • Provide theoretical foundation and applied demonstration for advanced audit methodologies.

Four required courses

  • Audit Analytics
  • Special Topics in Audit Analytics
  • Information Risk Management
  • Individual study course: Project in Audit Analytics/Continuous Monitoring or Continuous Audit

Domain of knowledge to be attained

  • Analytics techniques in the audit domain
  • The usage of audit analytics tools (ACL & IDEA) and statistical software (WEKA & R)
  • Statistical inference and its usage in auditing
  • Audit automation techniques (Continuous Auditing & Continuous monitoring)
  • Enterprise Risk Management approach