Lab for the Advancement of Nonprofits

The Lab for the Advancement of Nonprofits aims to be an incubator for high-quality and student-led consulting projects. The Lab will become a lab setting for academic research and publication, bringing innovative and effective strategies and processes to tri-state, national, and international nonprofit organizations. This will result in creating productive alliances founded on a clear win-win strategy and based on better practices from inside and outside the industry.

The Lab for the Advancement of Nonprofits is an operational unit of the Center for Market Advantage.

Survey of Nonprofit Needs

The Lab for the Advancement of Nonprofits wants to understand the biggest challenges faced by nonprofit organizations to adjust our services accordingly. We kindly ask you to answer the following 10-question survey:

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The 5‐Ps of Fundraising: Lessons from Consumer Behavior to Non‐Profit Marketing

Francisco J. Quevedo, Rutgers University, USA

Kobi Lee, Rutgers University, USA

“A Predictive Model for the US Non-profit Market: A macro to a micro perspective”

Francisco J. Quevedo, Lubin School of Business, Pace University

Andrea Katherine Quevedo-Prince, School of Health Sciences, Pace University

Testing Kuschman, Khun & Pfaerrer’s (2012) Communicative Framework On A Global NGO: The Case Of The WSKF Sports Foundation

Francisco J. Quevedo, Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York, NY

Partners and Projects

photo of chan choi

Dr. Seung Chan Choi

Dr. Seung Chan Choi, Chair of Marketing: his interests include modeling price competition in various marketing contexts and competitive product positioning. His current research includes store brand competition and pricing captive products such as laboratory equipment and supplies. He has published in several journals, including Marketing Science, Management Science, and Journal of Retailing, and contributed chapters to several books.

  • Professor Choi received his Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, MBA from Michigan State University, and B.A. from Seoul National University.
photo of francisco j. quevedo

Dr. Francisco J. Quevedo

Dr. Francisco J. Quevedo is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice with the Marketing Department: his research focuses on brand management and non-profit marketing, having been published nine times since 2019, with one more paper and a book chapter approved for publication in 2023. He worked in corporate from 1983 to 2016 and has done fundraising since 2007; he has also consulted for Fortune 100 firms, government agencies, and NGOs in eight different countries for 25 years.

  • Professor Quevedo received his DPS, CAGSB, and MBA from Pace University in NYC and got his BA from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.