Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science / Master of Business Administration in Professional Accounting Program (Dual Degree)


Rutgers University offers undergraduate students a chance to combine their liberal arts degree with the MBA in Professional Accounting (MBA-PA) graduate program and earn an MBA in Professional Accounting degree with only two additional months of study.

It works like this: Students complete their undergraduate core and major requirements during the first three years of their undergraduate college. The fourth year is completed at Rutgers Business School where students are enrolled full-time in the 14 month MBA-PA program. The first two semesters at the graduate school are counted as electives for completion of the baccalaureate degree requirements. These two semesters also are counted towards the MBA degree. The MBA is awarded after two additional semesters at the graduate school. The graduate program is offered on a trimester basis, so students graduate only two months later than they would have if they completed their senior year at the undergraduate college.

The program has many advantages:

  • The tuition costs are lower because students pay undergraduate tuition and fees for the first two semesters at Rutgers Business School
  • Undergraduate student aid is available for the first year of study at Rutgers Business School
  • Students qualify to sit for the CPA examination following graduation, the same qualifying date if a student completed a baccalaureate degree alone
  • Students can complete three years of liberal arts study, one more year than is possible if they complete the accounting program as an undergraduate student
  • The 150 credit hour educational requirement for the CPA examination is met
  • Students are eligible to apply for paid internships that are a part of the MBA-PA program

Program Requirements

The program requires that students be talented and highly motivated. The pace of study is demanding; courses are offered at a graduate level of difficulty. Students need to plan carefully to be sure that they complete all of the course requirements for the baccalaureate degree at their undergraduate college. Prospective students are expected to excel at undergraduate studies and score high on the GMAT examination.

Students interested in the program should contact the Office of Student Affairs and the Director of the MBA in Professional Accounting program during their first year; an official declaration of intent must be filed during the sophomore year at the Office of Student Affairs and Rutgers Business School. Application for admission to the MBA in Professional Accounting program at Rutgers Business School is then made during the junior year. Students who meet at least the minimum qualifications specified above will be admitted to Rutgers Business School's graduate program, providing a timely application for admission is filed.

Students who do not qualify for the dual degree program may still enroll in the MBA-PA program immediately after they graduate from college.

Contact Us

For further information about the program, please contact the Director of the MBA-PA program at 973-353-5680 or by e-mail.