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Center for Market Advantage

The Rutgers Business School Center for Market Advantage (CMA) aims to be the leading interdisciplinary hub of knowledge generation and dissemination with respect to market strategies and best practices to co-create value and establish a market advantage in an increasingly turbulent global environment.

The mission of CMA is to facilitate ongoing interaction between business leaders, academic researchers, as well as governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders to promote the discovery and dissemination of strategies that create a sustainable market advantage

CMA contributes to the competitiveness of its member organizations, facilitates value co-creation by and for stakeholders, encourages global trade and economic development, and generates a repository of the state-of-the-art knowledge.

The Lab for the Advancement of Nonprofits is an operational unit of the Center for Market Advantage.

Faculty Spotlight

Can (John) Uslay


Can Uslay (MBA and Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology) is a Professor of Marketing, Director of the RBS Center for Market Advantage, and Affiliated Faculty of Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School at Newark and New Brunswick

His research interests lie broadly within marketing strategy and theory construction...

Photo of Nagaraj Bukkapatnam​

Nagaraj Bukkapatnam​

Executive in Residence

Nagaraj is an entrepreneur with background in Technology Strategy, Market Analysis, Brand Strategy, Product Innovation, Research and Design. He advises companies on new and emerging paradigms in technology, marketing and consumer behavior. He is passionate about discovering and developing cutting-edge solutions and, breakthrough products for clients combining deep technical knowledge and keen business acumen.  He serves on advisory boards for companies and helps them to establish corporate structures and develop core competencies. He mentors and coaches various teams on disruptive technology and business challenges. He is a featured speaker on many technology and business forums. He created multiple products and has patents pending on an AI based solution that optimizes marketing channel attribution and enhances customer engagement.

Areas of Expertise: AI strategies, data analytics, innovation, marketing engineering.

Faculty Spotlight

Erich Toncre

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Department Vice Chair, and Director of Marketing Education

Erich Toncre is a Management Consultant/Marketing Professional with nearly twenty years of management experience working with small businesses to Fortune 500 firms in the areas of sales, marketing, general management, corporate training and new product development.

Currently he is senior partner (working part-time) with Compass Strategies Group, a management consultancy...

Faculty Spotlight

Shen Yeniyurt

Professor, Vice Dean for Academic Programs and Learning Assurance, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Rutgers Business Review

Shen Yeniyurt is Professor and Vice Dean for Academic Programs and Learning Assurance at Rutgers Business School.  He is also the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Rutgers Business Review (RBR).  Professor Shen Yeniyurt was the Chair of the Marketing Department from 2020 to 2022. He is the founding Co-Editor-in-Chief of Rutgers Business Review...

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