Rosa Oppenheim

Dean’s Professor of Business and Vice Chair

Academic degrees

Ph.D., Polytechnic University - Operations Research

M.S. Polytechnic University - Operations Research

B.S. Polytechnic University - Chemical Engineering

M.A. Rutgers University - English

M.A. Rutgers University - Liberal Studies

Student Testimonials
Dear Rosa,
This may be over 20 years late; but I really need to thank you. I was a medical practitioner and teacher transitioning to management when I took my EMBA. I subsequently became Regional Medical Director at CIGNA, and for 13 years Chief Medical Officer for Medicare for Aetna. In this capacity I was able to create new programs and approaches to medical management that had real impact on Health Policy. In 2002 we created the first large scale program to ID and manage Advanced Illness that showed dramatic impact. Encouraging and facilitating this is now national policy. In 2005 I created one of the first programs in Provider Collaboration, which likewise showed real impact. This concept is now Accountable Care. What you taught was helpful. Learning to understand techniques and "thinking" management enabled me to lead teams that resulted in programs with real and lasting impact. In summary - a belated "thank you."
—  Randy Krakauer, MD, EMBA
She teaches very mathematically oriented courses and just walks us down a strong progression. She is very impressive. After her course, quality control at work took on a new and much more rigorously defined meaning. Our quality-related complaints virtually disappeared and we were commended as an internal benchmark for quality control!
Hi Rosa!

I had to reach out to you because I can’t thank you enough for everything you taught me last year (2019)! As you know, I run chronic care management programs for high-risk Medicare-aged individuals. We launched a brand-new program in January of this year (2020, the Covid Year) and I just got the results of the first study done by my healthcare economics team. This is a team of epidemiologist and statisticians. I’ve been partnering with them over the last several months to complete the initial study.

It’s a challenging time to be looking at the impact a clinical program like mine delivers. Inpatient admissions are down across the board due to COVID. The question we needed to answer was, is my program working at keeping folks out of the hospital or are they simply not going because of COVID (which could, in turn, increase mortality rates)?

Prof. Langdana reminds us of your famous dictum, Rosa: "Correlation does not imply Causation" And this has been fundamentally important in "identifying" the causality using your statistical analysis. In addition, Farrokh had told us in our interviews with him, that the Statistics that you taught us, Rosa---ranked #3 in the world in all EMBA Programs by Financial Times---is the very foundation, the bedrock, for Digitization and Big Data Strategy (which subsumes Data Analytics). And he was so right!

I’ve been in the weeds with these brilliant statisticians and epidemiologists aligning on study design and, because of you and your classes, Rosa, I actually understood what they were talking about for the first time in my career! We were able to not only control for COVID, but also match the population to a control group of over 1000 characteristics!

Thank you very much from a humble student of yours!
—  Michael Stanzione, REMBA 2021