Full-Time MBA Application Checklist

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An application will not be reviewed until it is complete. At the end of the application cycle, all incomplete files will be sent a deny letter.

In addition to the Online Application, applicants must complete the following:

1. Application fee (non-refundable) of $70

Checks and money orders should be made payable to Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Do not send cash. This can also be paid online via a credit card.

The application fee is waived for all military and veteran applicants. If you fall into this category, please e-mail Tishawn Hatchett at tishawnb@business.rutgers.edu prior to submitting your application and send her a copy of your DD 214 form or a copy of your military ID card. Do NOT include your social security number when e-mailing the form. Please block it out prior to sending.

2. Official Transcripts

To expedite the review process, applicants should upload unofficial transcripts to the online application or via email to the admission office. Upon being accepted and committing to the program, applicants must mail in an official transcript for each undergraduate and graduate institution attended prior to the start of the term. These transcripts must demonstrate degree conferral.  

*Official transcript(s) and degree conferral(s) will be verified. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission at any time prior to or after enrolling if there is any discrepancy between the self-reported and official transcript(s).

For Rutgers graduates, please note that even though you are applying to Rutgers as an alumnus, you still need to contact the Registrar's office and request your official transcript be mailed to our office upon admission to the program.

Applicants holding international transcripts do not need to have their transcripts evaluated unless advised by the Rutgers Business School Admissions Committee. For more information on this, or if you are a domestic applicant holding international transcripts, please refer to our international instructions.

3. GMAT, GRE, or EA (Executive Assessment)

  1. GMAT code: QK5-XT-40
  2. GRE code: 5529
  3. Executive Assessment code: QK5-XT-40

Test Required:  A standardized test score (GMAT, GRE, or EA), taken within five years from the term of entrance, is required. However, applicants holding a terminal degree (such as Ph.D., J.D., M.D., D.O., or PharmD) are exempt from this requirement.

For most applicants, the standardized test serves as a crucial indicator of academic readiness. If you are unable to provide a test score, you have the option to request a test waiver as part of your application process. In such cases, you will need to demonstrate academic preparedness through alternative means, such as strong academic records, prior graduate degrees especially in quantitative disciplines, other standardized tests like LSAT and MCAT, or relevant professional licenses like CPA and CFA. Test waivers will be selectively granted and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Priority consideration for waivers may be given to experienced candidates who exhibit outstanding academic preparedness and possess leadership qualities.
Note: Test scores are considered along with other factors in scholarship offers. For full scholarship consideration, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a test score.

International transcript(s) without a GPA (4.0 scale) must be evaluated by a NACES member (https://www.naces.org/) such as WES, ECE, or Spantran if you are requesting a test waiver.

Please be aware that receiving a test waiver or exemption does not guarantee acceptance into the Full-Time MBA program.

Please click here to try a sample GMAT quiz.

4. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), or Duolingo Test of English

You must submit the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, or Duolingo test if English is not the official language in your country. Applicants from countries with more than one official language, including English, (Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, etc.) are not exempt from taking the exam. This requirement can be waived for applicants who have obtained an undergraduate or graduate degree in the U.S. or another English-only speaking country (England, Australia, etc.). This requirement can also be waived if you have three (3) or more years of full-time work experience in the United States.

  1. TOEFL Code: B355
  2. IELTS: Please contact IELTS and have your score sent to our office (address listed below).
  3. PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language proficiency test designed to measure reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as they are used in an academic setting. Rutgers Business School requires a minimum score of 68 on PTE Academic.
  4. Duolingo: The test is administered using computer adaptive technology, meaning that the question difficulty adapts to each test taker. The test also integrates a video interview and writing sample, which are sent to an institution along with your proficiency score when you send your results. Rutgers Business School requires a minimum score of 125 on the Duolingo test

5. You must provide two letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation can either be submitted through the online application or they can be mailed to our office directly by the recommender on company letterhead.

6. Submit your current resume

This can be done through the online application.

*You affirm that your job experience, including any and all positions held with current or previous employers, is true and accurate, understanding that any discrepancy or inaccuracy will allow the Admissions Committee to withdraw an offer of admission at any time prior to or after enrolling in the program.  The Admissions Committee may require additional documentation and proof regarding any aspects of a candidate’s resume at any time prior to or after enrolling in the program.


7. Essay

Please address the questions separately:

  1. Since you will resign from your current position to enter the full-time MBA program at Rutgers Business School, tell us the steps you’ve taken to ready yourself for this academic journey. Furthermore, elaborate on your expectations regarding how earning an MBA degree could contribute to your career goals. (500 words)
  2. Can you describe the distinctive qualities that make you stand out? In what ways do you envision becoming an integral part of the Rutgers community, and how do you believe you can contribute to the community and the overall experience of the MBA cohort? (300 words)
  3. (Optional Essay) You may provide any additional information that you would like us to know about you and your application. This can be any important aspect about yourself that has not been included in the application, such as explanations for any gap years, course grades, test scores, or any concerns that you may have.

8. International Applicants

Additional requirements apply to international applicants.


Full-Time MBA Proficiency Requirements

All incoming students entering the Full-Time MBA program are expected to be competent in calculus and statistics. During orientation, all students are required to attend the calculus and statistics workshops to prepare them for the program. A test will be given at the conclusion of the workshops.

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