Master of Information Technology and Analytics Tuition & Fees

Full-time students per semester (12 or more credits)

  Tuition Fees
NJ Resident $14,148.00/term (semester) $2,591.00/term (semester)
Non-NJ Resident and Internationals $19,968.00/term (semester) $2,591.00/term (semester)

Part-time students (11 or fewer credits)

  Tuition Fees
NJ Resident $1,179.00/credit $853.00 + Technology Fee (from $114.00 to $196.50).
Non-NJ Resident and Internationals $1,664.00/credit $853.00 + Technology Fee (from $114.00 to $196.50).


  • International Students are charged Health Insurance Premiums of $1,350.50 for full-time students. International students are also charged a $250 Sevis Administration Fee for F1 and JI visa holders.
  • Employees on temporary work visas: New Jersey residency regulations do not recognize temporary work visas (H1) as evidence of residency; thus you will be paying out of state tuition. However, you can apply for a reduced tuition rate.

Housing and Dining

Research Center Partnerships

Financial aid is not available through the program, but the program is closely associated with five research centers that employ students and bring them into contact with their industry and government partners: